“Thank you Rost Arc” Pangyo Officer

“Thank you Rost Arc” Pangyo Officer

[INTERNATIONAL] “Thank you Rost Arc”, “I would like to have made a lot of realistic memories that I will not forget.

On the 27th, the announcement of the Pangyo Metro Station in the Pangyo Metro Station, which is densely dense, was raised. The main character is a ‘roast arc’ of the Smile Gate RPG, not an entertainer.

The cheer advertisement was prepared for a month since Lost Arc users were grateful for the development team, commemorating the birthday of the Roast Arc Director on the 28th. Advertisements are also held for a month for February 27th.

I was prepared for more than a fans’s audit gifts and a fans for cheering, encouraging development. The user who promoted the cheering campaign said in the Lost Arc Community in December, “As Loa communicates with the user and find romance, we want to find romance,” he said.

As such, the fans are led by the fans, gathering money and qualitative, so efforts on the communication of the development of development are ‘touching’. Above all, the Kumgang Line Director appeared in real time in the game in the game in the game, and throughout the entire notice, the entire notice gathered a big topic at the time of the user’s gifts and Christmas events. Among other game users who did not have a lot of Christmas events, “Lost Arc users envy” was also a diary.

These differentiated communications did not only stop in the game in the game, but spread out ‘good influence’ out of the game. On December 25, the users were participating in the proposal of the user who donated to the Hope Studio, the Social Contribution Foundation of the Smile Gate, and the donations over 300 million won were raised for a week. The Foundation plans to use this money to help children and adolescents that require welfare. The Kumgang Line Director said on January 1, and the New Year’s greetings were called “miracles of Christmas”.

The Gold Director is famous for communication that already has a nickname called ‘light liner’ among users. On December 18, the showcase events of the Rost Arc opened directly at the showcase events, they appeared directly and explained directly for 7 hours 30 minutes.

At that time, he said, Thus, Roast Arc has increased significantly as most of the number of new users to the number of new users, and the number of new users in the previous month,

This ‘sales’ decision was even more shone due to reflection effects. The controversy over the probability items last year, the industry-generated trust has come to the land of the world as a fresh impact.

According to the community post at the time of the support of the application of December, this fundraising was conducted in the model. In 2021, it is a case of controversy over a perhall item controversy.

Industry officials were evaluated for Rost Arcs, “It is more important to say that the game is better, how to operate the game, how it looks better.” Even if a problem is found in the game, the developer means that the developer will create and communicate the content they want and communicate with the case.

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