Nintendo hacker is sentenced to three years in prison

Nintendo hacker is sentenced to three years in prison

Team Xecuter - The story of the infamous Nintendo Switch Modding Group | MVG
Gary Bowser, Team Xecuter leader, A group of hackers Nintendo Switch, has been sentenced to 40 months in jail by piracy. The official charges are “conspiracy to avoid technological measures and trafficking of elusion devices” which is considered as a federal crime in the United States **. Previously, the government of this country sought to condemn it to five years in prison.

Team Xecuter Built and sold devices used to hack consoles, which allowed users to modify and hack games. Bowser , a 51-year-old Canadian who was arrested at Dominican Republic, had already accepted to pay two different fines to Nintendo : one of $ 4.5 million and another of $ 10 million. Additionally, he was destroyed all the team with which he worked.

In statements for the US Department of Justice, the lawyer Nick Brown said that the acts of Team Xecuter ** “had caused more than $ 65 million in losses to companies of Video games, as well as damaging developers and small creative studies whose products were essentially stolen at the time of pirate a game. “

Editor’s note: With this, Nintendo wants to leave high to have zero tolerance to piracy. We all know that the legal team of the Great N is one of the most ruthless out there, and surely that we will see more and more cases of this style.

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