Buy TV: Samsung Qled

Buy TV: Samsung Qled

That you can now buy an excellent Samsung Neo Qled TV from 2021 at MediaMarkt from 2021 now is not so surprising for us. Because after the CES at the beginning of January of LG (OLED), Samsung (QLED), Philips (Ambilight) and Co. the new TV models for 2022 were presented, the dealers want to empty their bearings and the “old” devices with 55, 65 or also 75 inches of 2021 get rid of. ERGO fall prices. However, we owe the lowest price for the Samsung Neo QLED with powerful 75 inches and 120 Hz (additionally) the lucky fact that with the cashback action of Samsung and the Most-Wanted action of MediaMarkt two price actions coincide. Sounds confusing? We clarify!

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  1. 1 Samsung Neo Qled TV with 75 inches for 1.947 euros at Mediamarkt
    1. 1.1How good is the price?
  2. 2Next TVs at best prices at MediaMarkt
  3. 3most Wanted at Media Markt: 20 percent on Roccat, smartphones cheaper…
  4. 4neo Qled TV from Samsung – What does that mean?

Samsung Neo Qled TV with 75 inches for 1.947 euros at Mediamarkt

The highlights of the Samsung TV includes HDR 1500 for film-reactive images full of deep contrasts, Neo Quantum Processor 4K for optimized visual experience, quantum matrix technology for precise light and ultra-slim design.

Какой QLED выбрать в 2020? Отличия моделей Samsung QLED

How good is the price?

The Samsung Neo Qled TV with 75 inches could never be cheaper than buying media market now. The previous low price was 1,999 euros. The QLED TV is currently nowhere else to get 1,947 euros or less. The recommended retail price of the manufacturer is 2,999 euros.

Important note: Mediamarkt has reduced the price of the Samsung TV as part of the Most Wanted action (see below) from 2,389 to 2,222 euros. In addition, a Samsung Cashback action is currently running.

In order to get a part of the purchase price of Samsung refunded, you have to register the purchased device no later than 02.03.22 at You must specify name, address, account connection, e-mail address as well as serial number and model code and upload the invoice from MediaMarkt. According to Samsung within 45 working days after registration, the cashback – in this case has 275 euros – transferred to his account. Thus, you pay under the line only 1,947 euros for the TV. Samsung Neo Qled TV with 75 inches at Mediamarkt.

Samsung Neo Qled TV with 75 inches at Media Markt

More TVs at best prices at Mediamarkt

In addition to the Samsung Qled TV with 75 inches, there are currently more TVs at Mediamarkt as part of the Most-Wanted action cheaper. Currently at the best price (is currently nowhere cheaper) you can buy the Panasonic LED TV TX-55JXW944 with 55 inches. With 100 Hz image repeat rate and the Game Mode Extreme with reduced latency, the 4K UHD TV is also very good for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This applies not completely to the Philips LED TV 70PUS7906 with 70 inches due to the lower refresh rate of 60 Hz, but the built-in ambilight backlight makes up to this circumstance. The Philips TV from 2021 is also available at the best price with 899 euros. Thanks to the Cashbach campaign, other Samsung models are also available at attractive prices.

For example, those who do not set a value to 100 or 120 Hz who gets the Samsung Qled 75 inch GQ75Q60A with 60 Hz Refreshrate for cheap 1,149 euros – take the 150 Euro Samsung Cashback. Sure, the picture of the neo Qled model presented above is still a bit better (see explanation below), but the price of the GQ75Q60A is already top.

  • Panasonic LED TV 55 inch 100 Hz for 999 euros
  • Philips LED TV 70 inch 60 Hz for 899 euros
  • Samsung GQ75Q60A 75 inch 60 Hz for 1,149 Euro (including 150 Euro Cashback)

Most Wanted at Media Markt: 20 percent on Roccat, smartphones cheaper…

Household appliances, smartphones, Smartwatches, notebooks, LG OLED TV and much more from the entire range of MediaMarkt is available at reduced prices. Most Wanted Price Action Bie Mediamarkt.

Most Wanted price action at Mediamarkt

Neo Qled TV from Samsung – What does that mean?

Neo QLED Samsung uses a mini-LED backlight that uses tens of thousands of tiny LEDs. This ensures a significantly more precise brightness control and thus for further optimized image quality. For example, the Samsung Neo QLED GQ75QN85A has 75 inches over state-of-the-art HDR 1500 and also mastered 120Hz, which is why the TV is also wonderfully suitable as a large gaming monitor or for PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Samsung Neo Qled TV with 75 inches at Media Markt

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