Notorio switch hacker could be sentenced to five years in jail

Notorio switch hacker could be sentenced to five years in jail

Gary Bowser is a notorious hacker of switch that lately has been causing many headaches to Nintendo . Not long ago, the authorities of states United stopped it and BOWSER will be forced to pay about $ 14.5 million dollars in damage to great N. However, ee.U. It also wants this individual to face years in jail.

It happens that the government of USA . You want me to Bowser be subjected to a sentence of up to 60 months, or five years, in prison for your crimes against Nintendo . Obviously, Bowser does not agree with this and even considers that this sentence is excessive, so he is looking to reduce it to 19 months. Bowser’s lawyer said the following about it:

Switch Hacker Gary Bowser Owes Nintendo $4.5 Million, Faces Jail Time

“This is a serious crime in which Nintendo suffered a substantial monetary loss. A judgment of 19 months for the least guilty of the defendants, under the circumstances in which Mr. Bowser fulfilled that sentence, is significant. “

Bowser was a leader of Team Xecuter , a group of hackers composed of at least three other individuals, which to date continue fugitives of justice. Bowser Not only pleaded guilty, but is also willing to pay Nintendo the aforementioned figure, reasons that in theory, would help reduce the judgment of it. At the moment, US authorities have not yet determined a final sentence.

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