African play-offs for World Cup 2022: Mane against Salah

African play-offs for World Cup 2022: Mane against Salah

While in Europe already established that Portugal or Italy must pursue the World Cup 2022 in front of the TV, Africa now also knows that at least two major nations of the continent can not participate in the World Cup finals in Qatar.

The draw at the weekend showed that, among other things, the two stars of the FC Liverpool, Radio Mane and Mohamed Salah, with the Senegal and Egypt have to fight for a place. In another hammer duel, Cameroon and Algeria meet each other, the current organizer of the Africa Cup and its remote title carrier. The play-off game between Ghana and Nigeria is one with two of the best teams of the continent. In addition, either Mali and Tunisia is safe to fly to Qatar. Also, Morocco and the DR Congo make a World Cup participant among themselves.

The games will be held between 23 and 29 March 2022, each with a backing up and a return match.

Ivory Coast already excreted in the previous qualifier

For the play-offs, the ten groups of the first decision round qualified. In each team, four teams in a group each occurred – among other things, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast had landed in a group. After the Ivory Coast decided the first direct duel for itself, but had opened against Mozambique (0: 0), Cameroon was enough on the last match day of home win against the elephants to finish the group in rank 1. The current Africa Cup in Cameroon has no direct impact on the World Cup qualification.

Since this November 16, 2021, it is already clear that the World Cup will take place without African top game such as Sebastien Haller, Wilfred Zara or Franck Jessie. Soon, either Mane or Salah will join this list.


The World Cup play-offs in Africa at a glance:

Egypt against Senegal

Ghana against Nigeria

Mali against Tunisia

DR Congo against Morocco

Cameroon against Algeria

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