Olympia – Borger About Coronates in Beijing: “Sorry is the athletes”

Olympia – Borger About Coronates in Beijing: “Sorry is the athletes”

President Karla Border from the association Athletes Germany takes place before the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing among the active fear of manipulated corporate tests. I mean, we know it from Russia, from Sochi. Nobody would have thought that there had sudden holes in the wall, Border said the SID based on the Russian doping scandal: It is not excluded, and the worry Consists of the athletes.


DSV alpine director Wolfgang Maier and Michael Hold, President of Snowboard Germany, had previously expressed concerns about the manipulation potential at cognates. In addition, the procedure of the organizers at Cognates in the context of games (4 to 20 February) was controversial.

The high and therefore criticized CT guide value of 40 was recently lowered to 35, while in Germany a value of 30 applies. From this did not apply to this country more than contagious. The deeper the CT value, the higher in COVID-19, the viral load in the body is usually. Accordingly, it is still possible that athletes and athletes are negative and positively tested before their departure.

According to Border, all members of the Olympic Cadet are sensitized for the critical issues. There are the concerns that it is almost a competition, there to get healthy there. Our goal is that it all in the bubble cleans, said the beach volleyballer.

At the same time, it’s not unlikely that there may not be some of them. In such a scenario, maybe in all sports top-athlete’s inside would be missing, says Border: It would probably be a bit of far distortions of competition.

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