France: Full stages from 2 February again allowed

France: Full stages from 2 February again allowed

To slow the spread of the Omicron variant, 5,000 tickets per major event were forgiven in France since January 3 and 1 February, regardless of stadium capacity and regional incidence. From 2 February this should change again.

All facilities, sporty and culturally, the sitting audience, may be fully utilized, without limitation – if you consider wearing the mask, announced the French Prime Minister Jean Caste on Monday. From the 23rd match day, which is to go on the stage from 4 to 6 February, all available tickets may be offered for the time being.

From the 16th of February, the consumption of food and drinks in France’s stadiums are allowed again – at 3G and mask duty. This Friday, the 7-day incidence in France is around 3,500.

Stage utilization: The situation in Europe

In Germany was decided on 21 December of last year that from December 28, there are no viewers to be approved more about sports growing events. There are exceptions – from 250 allowed spectators in North Rhine-Westphalia to 5,000 in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, taking into account the 2G-Plus scheme. The Corona incidence in this country is currently around 700 in the nationwide cut.

In the English Premier League , there is still no restriction of stadium capacity, the 3G rule applies. While numerous games had to be canceled for players, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the mask requirement out of force from coming Thursday. The 7-day incidence in the United Kingdom is currently around 950, the highlight of the Omicron wave should be exceeded according to experts.

In the Spanish La Liga , the Ministry of Health decided on 28 December to exclude the stadiums only with 75 percent of their capacity. The Corona incidence is currently around 1.930.

The clubs of the series A have agreed on January 9, 2022, to leave a maximum of 5,000 fans in a stadium. This restriction applies from 15 January to 5 February this year. There are no guest fans during this period. At the end of December 2021, the government had decided to limit to 50 percent of stadium capacity, which had previously been 75 percent. The incidence is currently around 2,100 in Italy.

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