Wow Patch 9.2: Blizzard removes call

Wow Patch 9.2: Blizzard removes call

When Blizzard announced several interviews some time ago, the Wool Player Power will connect less strictly with any call grind in the future, the WOW community took note of the very positive. But the greater than the disillusionment, as exactly that on the PTR to Patch 9.2 again appeared. Because for the new Legendary, which we can create in addition to the existing legendary items, was a respectful reputation in the new faction, the enlightened, needed.

Feedback, which Blizzard then received from the community council, but also from the normal forums, was seemingly pretty clear. Because now, only a few weeks after the implementation of the new legendary on the PTR of WOW (Buy Now) Patch 9.2, riddle back the developers and have the call requirement removed.

Campaign instead of call

Instead, the possibility for the second legendary is now coupled to the upcoming campaign. More specifically, according to Chapter 7 of the new Story campaign will be available. This means in practice that you can create a second legendary in the 5th week of patch 9.2 – unless you played the campaign.

  • After the 7th chapter (5th week of patch 9.2) you will be able to buy the new legendary G├╝relcinch of Unity at the dealer.


But that also means that you have to play through the campaign with all characters who want to have this legend quickly. Because the recipe for the legendary (Memory of Unit) you can still buy only if you have an awesome call for the enlightened.

We find that is a good compromise. So we are free to play either the campaign, or to play the necessary reputation at least on a character to then produce the legendary for all twinks.

Why do we have to wait at all?

Also, on the question of why the second legendary is not directly available, the developers have answered. It is important for our characters to increase significantly during the patch – for example through the new animal set bonuses, but also through the second legendary. This makes you more freedom with balancing the new RAID. So you can rotate the degree of difficulty slightly higher, because you know that the players win enormously in the course of the following weeks and so gradually continue to fight through the mausoleum of the first.

The complete statement of Blizzard finds here below:


Hello all,

Thanks for Everyone’s Feedback on the Enlightened Legendary Belts and Memories, and on the Issue of When You Can Obtain Them and What Activities They Require. WE HAVE Some Changes Coming To A Future PTR Build That I’d like to Talk About A Bit.

First, What Are We doing? The Belt of Unity Is Moving from the Enlightened Reputation and Into The Campaign Quest for Earth Morris. You’ll Be ABLE to OBTAIN IT AT THE END OF CHAPTER 7 OF THE ZEROTH Morris Campaign, Which We Hope wants feel like a nice crowning accomplishment. The Memory of Unity is Remaining on the Enlightened Reputation Vendor, And Will Remain Account Wide Unlock Like Other Legendary Memories from Shadow lands, But Will Now Additionally Require That You’ve Completed Chapter 7 in Order to Purchase IT. This Memory Means That When Your Second, Third, Or Tenth Character is ready to start Eternity’s End That They’ll Be Able to Craft at Enlightened Legendary Right Away. The New Questing Requirement Is Being Added to Head Off Any Feeling Of Needing To Rush Ahead To Revered For Progression On Your Main Character. So, So Still Debating Some Other Possible Changes to the Overall Structure Of Earth Morris Rewards, But I Do not Have Concrete Details To Share On Those Yet.

Some Folks Have Asked Why There’s a delay in Acquiring a Second Legendary at All. The Answer There is that We Have Goals for Your Characters to Grow Over The Course of the Patch, Allowing Them to Overcome Challenges They Couldn’t Initially Overcome. One Specific Example Here is the Difficulty of Seeing The First Ones: By Keeping The Enlightened Legendary A Little in The Future From The Raid’s Launch, We Can Tune The Raid At A Difficulty That Allows Early Progression to Be Bolstered by Additional Power Once Players Start Hitting Stumbling Blocks. IF THIS POWER WHAT INSTEAD AVAILABLE TO YOUR CHARACTERS ON THE FIRST Day, Tuning Would Have To Take That Into Account For People Who Expect The First Few Weeks To Be Challenging, And That Would In Turn Deprive Many Raids of What WE Think wants to be a fun And Enjoyable Boost in Power After Striving AS Far As That Can Without It.

It’s important to us that there’s a pretty level playing field with the Enlightened Legendary in terms of when different players obtain it. We want it to be an impactful moment of growth for your characters, getting to change the rules of how they play the game for the rest of Eternity’s End. Our initial plans of putting it on the Enlightened reputation had this intent, in that we were planning to distribute most of the reputation gains on campaign quests and on quests that players would do once or twice a week, but we hear you that this structure still felt unsatisfying for players whose free time lends itself more to periodic long sessions than for frequent shorter ones. We feel that moving the Enlightened Legendary into the quest campaign will be even more egalitarian while still providing a very satisfying growth moment.

As always, we’re still open to and listening to feedback here, so once the changes go up, please do continue to tell us how you feel about them.

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