So Diablo, the Lord of Horror in Diablo Immortal

So Diablo, the Lord of Horror in Diablo Immortal

The release of Diablo Immortal makes a little waiting for himself; An official date will not exist. Blizzard’s developer team announced the community already in the summer of 2021 that will appear the MobileGegame from the Diablo Universe only in the first half of 2022. In a post, the team explained that they need some time to improve the gameplay so that players can enjoy Diablo Immortal to the fullest.

Although the developers do not want to betray us much about Diablo Immortal at the moment, we have already had a first look at the Ingame models, armor and artworks in recent months. With the Blood Knight, the Diablo Game could even get a new class – but that too is not confirmed yet. However, what the community is really burning, is whether the iconic villain Diablo will occur in the game at all.

Sure, a Diablo game without Diablo is difficult to imagine. Diablo Immortal, however, plays in the period between the second and third part. Theoretically, the villain had no physical shape. However, this does not prevent the gentlemen of horror to direct the fate of mortals out of the hidden. This is the latest model of Diablo, which discovered the DataMiners from Woyhead into the data from the beta of Diablo Immortal.

Here comes the direct comparison between Diablo models from Diablo2: Resurrected and Diablo Immortal.
Diablo in comparison: Links Diablo 2: Resurrected and Right Diablo Immortal. Source: Wowhead

The Lord of the gets a new face

Diablo, the Lord of Horror is the youngest of the three great evils that the world has terrorized the world sanctuary. His power draws Diablo from the fear of mortal and his favorite pastime is to spread among humans afraid and terror. He belongs along with his two brothers Mephisto, Lord of Hasses and Baal, Lord of the destruction of the most powerful enemies of angels and the Cathedral of Light.
The new face of the gentleman’s terror. Source: Wowhead His new figure in Diablo Immortal fits much better to his image as a master of horror. His demonic tank, the black-burned skin and the fies-grinning skull make it threatening appear as his counterpart from Diablo 2. It is still unclear in which exactly Diablo will appear in Diablo Immortal, there are currently two names for two different models in the game. One wears the name Real Diablo and the other Ghost Diablo – O.O

How do you like the new Diablo in Diablo Immortal? And which Diablo model is your favorite? Write us in the comments!

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