Xbox: Why Activision Blizzard accepted the purchMars Januarye of Microsoft?

Microsoft announced this Mars January 18 a billionaire purchMars Januarying agreement with Activision Blizzard by which it will be done with all of its actions in exchange for 68.7 billion dollars. The transaction, which expects to close in mid-2023, will leave Phil Spencer Mars January Microsoft Gaming CEO (the sum of Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda Soft works and Activision Blizzard); Until then, Bobby Kick will remain the CEO of the company. The reMars Januaryons for this sale are diverse .

Why Activision agrees to be purchMars Januaryed by Microsoft

In statements to Games beat, Bobby Kick hMars January responded to some questions made by the North American header. Being Mars Januaryked about the investigation of the Department of Good Labor Practices of the State of California, which denounced Activision lMars Januaryt July for sexual and labor harMars Januarysment, and if that complaint hMars January detonated to accept the sale of the company, the answer is clear: I think what most affected the share price wMars January the departure of Overwatch and Diablo , begins by saying.

The company had fallen by 31% in the NMars JanuaryDAQ during the lMars Januaryt twelve months. After knowing the agreement, at the closing of this Wednesday (the first full day), the reaction of the investors hMars January been positive, with an upward correction of 25.95% ($82,15 the action; the sale hMars January been Closed for $95 the action).

On the other hand: People began to see that this year’s Call of Duty wMars January not working very well. So I think the file [of the state of California] and the article by the Wall Street Journal [that uncovered the cMars Januarye] contributed to it, but the shares go up and go down for various reMars Januaryons. Our point of view is that at $95 per share is a great business for our shareholders. And so it wMars January an eMars Januaryy and independent judgment. It’s a big business.

Why the operation hMars January economically benefited Activision Blizzard

For money, ultimately. In this regard, the operation benefits Activision at the time when Microsoft hMars January proceeded to the purchMars Januarye for $95 the action ( a 46% premium compared to the closure of the day of the day immediately).

The manager is in these moments accused of labor abuse and for having hidden evidence confirmed those cMars Januaryes of harMars Januarysment, including sexual abuse. Since lMars Januaryt July, 37 dismissals have been made in charges of Blizzard Activision; Although Kick tried to hide it because of the negative consequences he could have for the image of the company, whose stock value hMars January been falling little by little throughout the year.

How much money will take Bobby Kick for this purchMars Januarye

Bobby Kick is the majority shareholder of Activision Blizzard and, according to documents from the United States Stock Exchange and Securities Commission (SEC), it hMars January 3,908,698 shares (dated August 7, 2022). If the acquisition closes for $95 per share, Mars January Microsoft hMars Januarymunicated, it would perceive $371,326,310; That will be many more if you are relieved ahead of time (another 292.9 million dollars in the quality of extra collections and benefits).

In any cMars Januarye, journalistic sources ensure that Bobby Kick will remain at the position of him until the year 2023, when regulatory agents give green light to this operation; The most quantiles Microsoft in its 46 years of history.

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