The Nintendo Switch receives a new update

Almost two months passed since the Nintendo switch received a firmware update, but at this time it is now possible to download a new patch that will update the system to version 13.2.1 . Exactly what can you expect from this new version? Here we tell you.

Nintendo already launched the official notes for this new update, and sadly does nothing more than improvements to the general stability of the system.

At the moment it is all we know, however, previously the Data miners have been in charge of digging the database of Nintendo to reveal possible data that may have been omitted for any possible reason. We’ll see if this also happens with the arrival of this new patch, or if it really was just a simple improvement for the stability of the console.

Editor’s note: Sadly, Nintendo Switch has not received as much news regarding your firmware updates. Users are still waiting for the arrival of additional topics, as well as the possibility of creating folders for a better game organization. We do not know if the great N have intentions to implement this in the future, but we do not lose anything, dreaming of it.

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