Impregnated with Epic Games, Kali Bus and `Unreal Engine-based Metabus`

Epic Games Korea (Representative Park Sung-cheol) announced that Lott Information Communication has signed a work agreement for the implementation of the Self-Earth of Lott (Representative Kim Dong-kyu) and Unreal Engine-based real-time metabus implementation.

Kali Bus is a specialized company that produces met averse content based on 3D graphical production technology and patented dip interactive technology, as a specialized company that works with the store, and can take a description of the product, ‘Virtual Dress Room’ which is a ‘Virtual Dress Room’ which can adhere to a variety of fashion items that can adhere to the experience of watching movies in the actual movie theater ▲ ‘Virtual Dress Room.

Through this YOU, the Kali Bus plans to use the Unreal Engine to make the metabus content production, and it plans to provide a lively-impact content such as real experience in the field.

The Epic Games’s Unreal Engine is used in the game, movies, TV, architecture, automobile, etc. in the industry, such as state-of-the-art content, interactive experience, and immersive virtual world production. Especially, it has been able to create an excellent real-time 3D content experience, which became a core development tool for building met abases, and Virtual Productions, an innovative VFX technology in Unreal Engine, is also being attracted.

Kali Bus Kim Doggy’s representative Kali Bus plans to spur in realistic metabus implementations that eliminate the constraints of time and place, planning to provide existing and differentiated premium metabus services. Development of Metabus The Unreal Engine of the Unreal Engine, which is the core of the Unreal Engine, to lead the met averse market.

Epic Games Korea Park Sung Chub, said, I am pleased with the conclusion of work agreements with Lott Group with the infrastructure of the leading infrastructure of Korea, said, The Kali Bus will show different experiences to lead the upcoming metabus era through Unreal Engine I expected it, and I will not save support in Epic Games.

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