The clever eminence

The clever eminence

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Alex Ferguson: The Man, The Myth, The Manager

Several months ago, Gary Neville had the honor to interview Sir Alex Ferguson. Manchester United ex-pro was the legendary coach had under the Neville in the club itself countless titles won on what the fans wanted to know from the club icon. Especially interesting: the greeting. Neville did not even announce his guest with Mr. Ferguson, with Sir Alex. But as he had probably always done it: The boss.

With that, all has been said. Ferguson is the boss, the boss. His word around Old Trafford has not only weighted. It is still the law. Without him, no coach is fired, no obligation. If it is really important, they ask him. And sometimes he did not need to talk. A look then reaches into his face, which in the 0: fell 5 swatter the Red Devils against Liverpool a few weeks ago for undistorted mirror of the soul. Pale, desperately, he watched as the team of Jürgen Klopp dismantled his club. Something prepares Ferguson physical and emotional pain, such a thing could not remain without consequences. As the downward trend has continued, even the mighty man in the background could not help. He lowered his thumb, the dismissal of the man agreed, who had once given the coach Ferguson as a player the Champions League victory: Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

His performance is unimaginable

Ottoman Withheld, former coach colleague

1999 . Against Bavaria. In the Fergie-time. But back then, even the coach himself had as Munich 1: 0 lead and just that extra time had just begun, already given up all hope. Thought I really think we can win? No! No chance. But took advantage of Teddy Sheriff and Solskjaer up. That alone was happy enough for United, but also knew Ferguson best that Bavaria at the time already 3: 0 had to lead. Of course, the Scot was pleased cheered at the Camp Nou. Hilarious, but not disrespectful.

Sir Alex Ferguson with the Loving Cup after the memorable victory in the Champions League final in 1999 against Bayern Munich. Picture-alliance / DPA

In the minutes of great joy and triumph he found comforting words for Bavaria coach Ottoman Withheld. Later took Ferguson this game so together as matching does not work: Football, bloody hell. With this quote in their title the ‘FAZ’ the coach in 2013 passed into retirement. Withheld has never forgotten the fairness of his counterpart. As Ferguson 2016 — two years after Withheld — the Walther-Bense Man Award was named after the founder of the coach Ferguson, the German coach praised him: You can not overestimate what it means at this level for so long in to work a club with this expectation, so to bring many titles and to confirm this success permanent. Its performance is unthinkable because it requires not only the sporting orientation, but also interpersonal skills.

This applies very well. At the same time the secret of his success is actually remained such. A coach who constantly checked his players, but they trusted as her own father, like Paul Since once said:. He always treated me like a son A coach who stood protectively in front of his players, but at the same time with the famous Fertile hairdryer (one shouting, which replaced the hairdryer) around made before all. A coach who is determined in his United-time from 1986 to 2013 was not a saint, because he is like to put referee subtly under pressure, but enjoys the same even in his greatest opponents Attention: Regardless of our differences: what he has achieved, is just fantastic. Said Arsenal’s former boss, rival Arlene Winger. Ferguson always tortured more than just be chewing gum, but mutated into the accommodating host when he proffered his guests at Old Trafford specialties from our own extensive wine cellar.

What unites all the contradictory, is his directness. He may be moved away from Golan (Glasgow), the house in which he lived with his parents (667 Golan Road), had to give way. But the ground-employed, the quarter, the rough, but always honest way, still lives in it.

Of course, Ferguson is more than eight years after his last game, after his last championship and also the record title, quieter. He does not mingle permanently, but he engages when it becomes important. Because Ferguson is not only the gray, but above all the clever eminence in the background. Whether his famous call in the summer at Cristiano Ronaldo actually lasted only 20 seconds and consisted of a single set, as the always fantastic newspaper ‘Daily Star’ believes? Do not go to Manchester City. Five words. A message. Not resist talking. Could be, but is not crucial either. Ferguson will also have played a role in this transfer to Ronaldo, which has been realistically threaded over weeks and was not decided in 20 seconds. Does not matter. But the story is too good so as not to be true.

And she fits so beautiful. Especially since a few days before his 80th birthday, the Ferguson, 1999 beaten from the Queen to the Knight, will celebrate on 31 December. The whole world will congratulate him, even in Aberdeen he is unforgotten, where his breakthrough began as a coach. All the congratulations will be happy to see the sir. Since he narrowly escaped death with a brain hemorrhage in 2018, the more. Ferguson describes this dramatic hours in the documentation never Give in, in which his son Jason directed: There were five cases of brain bleeding in the clinic in the clinic that day. Three have died. Two have survived. Since you have had happiness has. As a matter of fact.

Ralf Rang nick Ferguson makes the joy of a championship?

No matter how to stand at Manchester United, you want Ferguson that he experiences another coach who creates at least once what he gives him 13 times: to lead the Red Devils to the championship. Maybe Ralf Rang nick makes him this joy when he stays over the summer United’s Coach? Ferguson and Rang nick got to know each other in 2016 as part of the Baseman price award, at the invitation of the coach Ferguson, they had previously eaten together.

Anyway, no other United representative would ever say without outcry in and around Manchester, that he became Anfield, the stadium of the archival FC Liverpool, besides Old Trafford for the most atmospheric in England. Sir Alex already. He may that, he does that. Remains the exciting question: CR7 has actually stored the number of his mentor under Boss ?

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