As Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic denied the replacement

As Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic denied the replacement

Few personalities in top football are on and next to the square such for entertainment as you: Latin Ibrahimović and José Mourinho a not only fleet sayings and an eccentric occurrence, they also have a common past.

The first encounter between IRA and The Special One was in 2008 at Inter Milan. The fact that two such alpha tits can cause a lot of friction, only little. The story that occurred on May 17, 2009, is probably one of the most curious incidents.

It was the 36th Game Day of the series A and Inter met as already safe masters on the AC Saint. In the Champions League, the Nerazzurri had already stroked their sails against Manchester United in the round of 16 and in the cup they had already excreted them in the second round.

⚽️When Jose Mourinho refused to substitute Zlatan Ibrahimovic⚽️

Much was no longer on the game for the Milan. Only Ibrahimović chased the golden shoe for the best scorer afterwards and felt in the second half despite the 2-0 leadership of his teammates abandoned.

He was very angry and applied when he came to me. He screamed, ‘We are masters, I have helped her master, and now no one helps me to be replaced, I want to be replaced now, Mourinho in 2014 at SKY Sports to the scene.

Mourinho instinct made himself paid

But Mourinho did not want to fulfill Ibrahimović his desire because he thought his protégé did not do his best. Instead, the attacker had to watch how first Luis Fig and then his second storm partner Mario Bagatelle left the field.

It was to look at Ibrahimović, as in its interior, the anger is slow, but the instinct of his coach should be paid.

I did that as if I did not understand him, I said, ‘What? What?’ Do you want to drink something, do you want some water? ‘ And threw him a bottle. I told him: ‘Here, take a sip and go’. A few minutes later he shot a beautiful gate, Mourinho said.

Only two minutes after the hit Round the four-time world club coaches the Point. Instead of dismissing Ibrahimović to the end of the work, Mourinho used his last change to trade the goalkeeper. Paolo Orlando replaced Julio Cesar and Ibrahimović had to stay on the place for the past 15 minutes.

His goal to the 3: 0 final score should not have any effect on the table. Which liked Mourinho Ibrahimović with the refused replacement, however, two gaming days became clear. After the last match of the season, the Swede stood as a scorer — with only one goal ahead of the two follower Marco di View and Diego Militia.

Mourinho special relationship with Ibrahimović

After a year at Inter and the Joint Championship in Serie A, the paths of Mourinho and Ibrahimović separated. While the Milanese under Mourinho won the Champions League at Mourinho, Ibrahimović Pep Guardiola call for Barcelona.

What remained, was the mutual respect. A player who gave me so much as IRA, will always be in my heart. He has done a lot for Inter and Inter has done a lot for him. I like IRA, said Mourinho.

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In 2016, the ways of the two should be crossed again. Two years they spent together at Manchester United and celebrated the profit of the Europa League in their last season.

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