Added three kinds of counterside  new challenge temple

Added three kinds of counterside new challenge temple

Nixon (Representative Lee Jong-un) has developed three kinds of employment in the Thursday of the Studio Exposure (Representative BYU) (CEO), and the Counterside ‘, the Urban Fantasy RPG’ Countryside ‘, which was developed and served.

The Economy is a system that further grows the completed temple upbringing to the limit fusion of 110 levels. This update introduces the Treasuring version of the Temple ‘Laura Beatrix’, ‘Estrada de Shu Bulk’, ‘Elizabeth Pan Strong’. ‘Purple Hayes Laura Beatrix’ is caused by the utilization of the pet, and the rebuff is enhanced, and the ‘Near Austria Entry SAA’ is truly enhanced by the combat lasting. ‘Blue Blood Elizabeth Canadian’ is truly enhanced in the form of enhancing avoidance and scope damage.

When you consume a Circuit Link goods ‘New Year’s record’ acquired by the New Year, you will receive a bingo number. Each time you complete each line, you will be compensated for ‘T5 reinforcement module’, ‘Special Capacity Assessment’, ‘Confidential Collection Agreement’, and ‘Fusion Nuclear Field’, ‘Quartz’ 1,800 Provides additional compensation. Certain numbers in the center of the circuit link can be opened when the analysis mission is completed.

Additionally, an eight-piece challenge ACT 5 is added. One part is composed of ‘militia’ concept, and two parts consist of ‘Poly Hawk’ concept, and when the boss stage is complete, the ‘challenger’ can be obtained.

In addition, we will derive the Chloe’s Information Navigation event challenge until January 4 next year and will be a New Year’s Memorial Skin ‘[Gain] — Calm Sunlight’, ‘[Charlie] — Sang long Sunlight’. From January 3 to January 23, Rank Free Season in 2022.


Detailed information on this ‘counterside’ update can be found in the official community.

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