Madness year 2021  Alexander Zverev wins more than title

Madness year 2021 Alexander Zverev wins more than title

The year is coming to an end, a good reason to look back on the past twelve months of the Alexander Zeal. And they were incredibly good. Doubt the best season of the Hamburg. The most important thing was the internal tranquility that I got this year. I have become older, Zeal explained his strong year recently in the current sports studio.

The fact that the 24-year-old has the facilities to one of the best players in the world, yes even number one, has been clear for a long time. Often, however, Zeal stood itself in the way, did not play the tennis he had imagined. The external representation was not always the best, which led to the boy from Hamburg with some German fans and still has. No comparison to Boris Becker in the 1980s, as felt quite Germany in front of the televisions stuck and the man out of glues pushed their fingers crossed. The redhead released a true tennis hype, then Michael Stitch contributed.

Since this era Germany had to wait for a long time before there was again a constant top player who could mix at the front. The best plants certainly had Tommy Haas, who had too much injury. Nicolas pine or Trainer Shuttle also showed its quality, but constant on a world-class level, however, it was rare. When the young Alexander Zeal came, who are all just called Sasha, seemed the way for a new crowd pleaser.

VERY became too much externally

But from this nothing was anything. Zeal, of course, had his share of the picture he sold to the outside. Often it did not seem to be interested in him, he pulled his thing through. However, what also belongs to the truth is that manager Patricio Away may not be the best choice — there was just such a separation outside a court. He has been supervising Zeal since his 15 years before the German 2019 completed cooperation. He wanted to tell the young Hamburger directly marketed a world star. That was a mistake, I think. Sasha loves Germany, he likes to play for Germany. Germany is very important to him. We want to make everything a bit different — and are with the gold medal on a good way, says Misc ha Zeal who now takes care of the management of his brother, but the name manager does not like. I’m brother!

A brother who wants to better advise his younger brother with Sergei Burka better than his predecessor. I did not have the influence on my own management. Not as I was depicted. I did not do anything that was told me. With my new management, every decision I meet, of myself, underlines Sasha Zeal.

Gold for Germany — There is nothing bigger

And that does the German number one visibly good — and we would be back at the madness year 2021. Of course, it is also important for the best tennis player of a country to go well with the domestic fans. And for that, Zeal did the best step in this season, which one can do: he won the gold medal at Olympia for Germany — as the first German man ever, 33 years ago the Steffi Graf succeeded. There is a dream for every athlete, there is nothing bigger. To have the gold medal at home is a feeling that you can not describe. This gold medal has given me the belief that I can achieve other goals Rays Zeal, who had repeated prayer mill in his interviews in the Olympic Games, that he plays for Germany and wants to bring this medal for his country.

The human VERY moves closer to the fan

It was an important step for Zeal and the biggest success of his career so far. The clothes of Olympia still carries he still so often, it works. First, because it’s the most beautiful memory of my life, and secondly, because Germany is on top of it anywhere. It’s not better, Zeal explains with a laugh. The 24-year-old should be noted that he is matured. He realized that he used to do not all done right — but, and that’s the most important thing he has learned from it. And this also shows the following statement about its external representation, which VERY may have formulated differently a few years ago: Normally I’m not important to me, but in Germany already. I grew up here and have spent all my life here. I want the reason His since Boris Becker, why a five-year-old goes to tennis and not for football.

And to create that, the hamburger is currently on the best way. The external effect of the Alexander Zeal has changed this year, which can be said doubt. That the German is an extraordinary tennis player was also clear. Now, however, one has the feeling of being closer to People Sasha Zeal. Brother Misc ha comes back to the game, which works as an expert at the sender Eurosport and therefore also gives some private insights into the Zeal family. In addition, Sasha gives one or the other interview more than before.

Dreamlike year — and two goals in mind

For the second time Alexander Zeal gained the title at the ATP Finals. Imago images / panoramic

Their seen it ran for the fan of the Hamburger SV, but also with the Bavarians, outstanding. He picked up as mentioned gold at Olympia and closed the year with the victory of the ATP Finals (after 2018 he won the tournament for the second time). Overall, Zeal helped six titles on the ATP tour — as many as anyone else. He won 59 games, only Mercedes was still a tick better with 63. Since Wimbledon, the number three of the world won four titles — and lost only four matches.

Zverev takes historic Gold Medal! ???????????? Full Men's Tennis Singles Final ???? | Tokyo 2020 Replays
If you want to look for the hair in the soup, then this is certainly at the topic Zeal to find the Grand Slam tournaments. The German has never won such a one. At the Australian Open was concluded in the semi-final, in the French Open and the US open in the semi-final, and in Wimbledon in the secondary finale. There are two goals that I have not reached yet: winning a Grand Slam tournament and become the number one in the world. I hope I may reach that in Australia, hopes the Olympic champion, which also in the Privacy with his new girlfriend Sophia Thomas has found his luck.

The cherry on the pie in 2021 was recently for VERY when he was awarded in Germany to the athlete of the year. A choice that is just logical only. As the first German tennis player for 30 years, this award was given to him. And the choice of members of the association of German sports journalists is somewhere symbolic for the year of Alexander Zeal: he seems to be athletic to be finally arrived in his homeland.

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