CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD  Zombies mode is the great disappointment with the start of season 1

CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD Zombies mode is the great disappointment with the start of season 1

With the arrival of season 1, which took place on December 8, we plan to see several new contents, including the most expected way: the famous EASTER EGG. Unfortunately, during the revelation of Call of Duty Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games announced that its title would benefit from the famous zombies’ mode that has a real community within the franchise. Revealed as the origins of the Dark Ether, the players were able to learn about the terrible Oberf├╝hrer Wolfram von List and the Machiavellian plan of him to dominate the world. Under the influence of Fortified, the latter wanted at all costs to take absolute power.

However, our operators did not hear it in that way, and they will do everything possible to counteract the plans of it. For this, players have taken appointment in Her An fang that has several objectives to be achieved. This progression system is quite similar to Contagion, present at Black Ops Cold War, but the mode still seems pretty empty despite these despite the presence of a novelty that is the covenant of the altars.

They Lied About Vanguard Zombies...
Vanguard: Zombies still have no soul despite the arrival of season 1

If you were waiting to see the land of Vanguard’s Secret of the Zombies, it is not, and it’s a shame! We could have expected the season 1 of the game to complete the content, but not. According to the road map, The latter only has a new goal called purging, goal in which players simply have to protect a certain area for a few seconds. In addition, The Altar Pact contains new improvements, and our operators will be able to take advantage of the new racks of deaths during the season.

At present, there is still no secret, although the Roadmap announces a Book of rituals. The case will continue, therefore, but unfortunately only in 2022.

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