Gladbach Boss Max Eberl annoyed  We have to show eggs now

Gladbach Boss Max Eberl annoyed We have to show eggs now

Gladbach-Sportschef Max Ebert has said on Saturday night based on the sporty descent of Russia and Largest. Especially the players he took the duty.

In the updated sports studio Ebert was loaded as a guest and made his displeasure about the recent achievements of his team air. It banged the last days. But it did not help, Ebert said about the preparation for the Saturday game in Leipzig An accurate fault diagnosis did not want to deliver Ebert.

We know more than we say to the public. We have to show the mistakes internally, because there is currently a lot. The game against Freiburg was not a normal defeat, that was a cut. I have not experienced that yet and the players too Not, that gained us.

Ebert: ‘worrying’ is a good adjective

Playback had recently collected three clapping in a row with a goal ratio of 2:14: After a 1: 4 in the derby in Cologne, there was a 0: 6 in front of his own audience against Freiburg, marriage Playback on Saturday at the Krisengipfel in Leipzig again 1: 4 undergoing. Playback is slipped onto 13 station after the seventh Saxony legislate, the lead on the relegation rank is only two points.

Heiterkeit in Gladbach: Rose lacht über Eberls Auto-Fauxpas I SID

That must not happen to us, Ebert said and also played on the late goals for ultimately clear 1: 4 in Leipzig. Today we have thrown us again in a completely confused kind of pile.

He has never experienced three defeats with this goal difference. ‘Worrying’ is a good adjective for that. The players do not get the quality in the square. With that we have to fight and the players too. Nobody has defended how to defend in the Bundesliga, the players have to go Questions, Ebert said.

Network reactions to the foal debacle: Playback gets the Hunter full

We have to show eggs now!

I do not want to see anyone else. But everyone is packing on their own nose! The team must implement the topics on the court, which are given by the trainer team. We will appeal to errors and a bit far to the honor of the players appeal. We now have to show eggs and stand in this wind!

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In the current situation he had time at all for the upcoming contractual with the players whose contract expires in the coming summer. At the moment I’m a single fitting relatively no matter. Until 30.6. Can I expect every player to provide his performance for the club that pays him.

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