Animal Crossing New Horizons  Helping Ghost Buhu is worthwhile much more

Animal Crossing New Horizons Helping Ghost Buhu is worthwhile much more

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (brief air conditioning: NH or ACNE) is a life simulation created and also published by Nintendo. The video game was launched on 20 March 2020 globally for the Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth component of the Animal Crossing Main Guideline.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons there is a spirit. But he is not scary, but very adorable and frightening. Even so much that he leaves his soul before shots, when he meets you. But you can help him by collecting the items. Have you all found, you also get an item of your choice for it: Something expensive or something we do not own. Secretly, quiet and quiet, this reward was now improved without being announced.

Discover Animal Crossing Fans: Thus Ghost Reward has been improved

It’s how it works: You can meet your Animal Crossing Island at night the Spirit BHU. They talk to him, but he almost scares himself to death — so much that his soul escapes from him. But half so wild, because you can capture them again. The items move over your island, and you can collect them like insects with the Escher. If she brings her to BHU before dawn, he is happy and gives you an item.

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Either one that you currently do not have in your item catalog or one with a high resale value. Normally, the effort has not necessarily paid off. If you have selected an expensive item, that could be worth a maximum of 10,000 sterns. This is not too much money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, depending on how far you are and what else is doing.

Now much better rewards: Apparently Nintendo has previously raised the price range almost unnoticed. As it looks, the change was set to the UPDATE 2.0, but not greatly announced or mentioned in the patch Notes. Nonetheless, there are now apparent items worth up to 100,000 stars. Although you can still receive items that are significantly less worth, but the minimum price is now apparently at 6,000 sterns.

Items can now not be 10,000, but up to 100,000 stars !

We owe the discovery Animal Crossing Streamer Leo crossing:

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Everything worth knowing: In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there is of course not only since Update 2.0 and the Happy Home Designer DLC lots of things to do and discover — but now more than ever. If you have lost the overview or look for very specific info, you will find the great Gamer overview with all Animal Crossing Guides, which hopefully help you.

Do you know that the price has increased with Thus Items? Anime that to help him more often again?

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