New World  5 things that you should do before the release of patch 1 2

New World 5 things that you should do before the release of patch 1 2

New World brings some changes into the game with the upcoming patch 1.2. The most interesting relate to the GPS system and endgame-gear General. We from Mango introduce you 5 things that you should do before the release of the patch.

What are that for tips? Basically, the tips relate to the adjustments to the endgame-Gear of New World. Because here Patch 1.2 brings some changes, including the new competences and the GPS system. They can already be tested on the PTR.

Through these tips, you can either prepare yourself to use these new systems optimally, or earn at least a few tales as other players rely on the materials. In addition, you have some concrete goals to which you can work.

Generally, these tips are aimed at player of stage 60 or players who want to earn money about trading.

When is the release of patch 1.2? An official release date does not exist yet. It is probably that the update appears on the 9th or December 10th. At the beginning of next week, however, it must be there because the winter event is activated on December 14th.

1. Saves or get new orbs for the endgame dungeons and arenas

What’s for a tip? To enter dungeons or the boss arenas in New World, your special voice balls needs. You can earn them about quests or crafting.

With the new patch 1.2, however, it is worth seeing exactly this content. Because the two dungeons Lazarus instruments and garden of the origin will give you additional competence in the victory over the end boss. This competence is needed for better loot by Drops.

In addition, you get in the two dungeons sapphire plaster. Another plaster, the vitrine gypsum, is available for the conclusion of boss arenas.

How do you get the voice balls? The voice balls for the dungeons gets them either about crafting or about certain quests, if they have not completed them yet:

For the Lazarus instrumentality, the quests Secrets of the Guardians in the Bruckner area at NPC Lesson Reese and the quest secrets that you better retain. This is a quest series consisting of six tasks in the field of brackish water, at the end of which an orb is waiting for you.
For the garden of recovery, this is the quest feather resistance, a longer quest series in Bruckner, and contaminated hike, also a longer quest series in Detain.
You can earn a total of four free Orbs about these four quest rows.

The voice balls for the arenas are also about crafting.

2 . Farm the corrupted portals

What is this for a tip? The corrupted portals are an important content to farming materials that you need for the production of mood balls of dungeons.

So if you are looking for a group just in the chat, which is currently on the farms of portal events, should join them. Because even if you do not want to make balls, you can probably sell the flocked materials more expensive.

Who wants to make money with this tip, can also speculate on the materials needed for the different voice balls and later more expensive for sale.

3 . Level tone of the profession to 200 (best fishing!)

What is this for a tip? You will come to emerald plaster on the crafting in the future. For this you need any profession to 200 and then have to levels beyond 200. This is theoretically infinitely often and brings in three steps rewards. Plasters are available with a little luck from the reward level 3.

Which professions are worthwhile? The fastest and most preferably cheapest you collect the XP in the collective converters such as wood falls, skins or mining. On rewarding chairs of manufacturing professions such as Weapon smith, money will focus on money.

However, the collection spots in harvesting or rare wood are very well fought very well to start the update. That’s why fishing seems to be the most lucrative profession to farm Smarted gypsum.

Who has not loved fishing so far, so that should use the time now?

4 . Buys or farms magic creatures

What is this for a tip? Top’s gypsum you can get by drinking a special potion and defeated in connection mobs of the stage 55+. This potion can be produced once a day and costs some magical creatures.

And on this very magical creatures can you either make money or it saves you money by buying her now or starts with the farms.

What kind of creatures is? For the production of the potion, you need seven creatures that you might mix in the potion five times:

Garlic tail
Salamander mucus
Flash beetle
Life moth eyes
Pit fish fins
Falmouth dust

5 . Now your Watermark in old style

What is this for a tip? with patch 1.2 the gypsum system is introduced. Thus, however, a weakening of the previous Farming methods to increase the Watermark.

Earlier, the Watermarks have risen stronger at the beginning. This table of Reddit users captain keel shows the exact values:

However, with the new update there is an adjustment:

At each level, the chance for an increase is 1%
The increase by a drop is always 0.1%

For DROPS of Level 575 or higher, the situation improves slightly, for the grind to level 575, however, it becomes more expensive. Therefore, it can be worthwhile, especially the stages up to 550 to farm in advance.

Bonus: Get legendary materials about crafting

What is this for a tip? Already in Tip 3 we pointed out to the new rewards in crafting if you are leaving beyond level 200. For the manufacturing professions such as Weapon smith or ArmorMsmith you can look forward to getting lucky legendary crafting materials that are otherwise very rare.

Therefore, two tips:

On the one hand, it can now be worthwhile to revel professions to 200 to get to these rewards
On the other hand, this increases your chances of actually creating a legendary weapon over crafting. It is therefore available to farm further legendary materials in advance.

NEW UPDATES to the patch 1.2 & beyond - CRAFTING is GOOD AGAIN! (New World PTR)

What do you say about the tips? We are preparing for the new update? Write it in the comments.

Who in general is still looking for methods to earn tales, will find it here:

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