We have official synopsis for the sequel to the Texas massacre

We have official synopsis for the sequel to the Texas massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a forthcoming slasher film, directed by David Blue Garcia, with a screenplay by Chris Thomas Devlin, from an original story co-written by Fed Álvarez and also Rod Savages. Intended to be a direct sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), ignoring all various other movies in the franchise business, the task will be the nine total installment. The project is a joint-venture manufacturing in between Legendary Pictures, Bad Hombre, and Exurbia Movies. It stars Sarah Yadkin, Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham, Jacob Baltimore, Moe Dunford, Owen Four, Alice Bridge, Jessica Allied, and also Nell Hudson,
After the release of Leather face in 2017, Lions gate had prepared for five more movies in the franchise business. Nonetheless, the studio lost the civil liberties because of the moment it required to release it. Famous acquired the franchise business’s legal rights, with Álvarez as well as Savages serving as producers together with Rub Cassidy, Ian Henkel, and Kim Henkel who co-wrote the original movie. Duo filmmakers Ryan as well as Andy To hill were initially signed on as supervisors, but were replaced with Garcia due to innovative distinctions. Shooting took location in Bulgaria in August 2020.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre is scheduled to be released on February 18, 2022, on Netflix.

We know that there will be a sequel to the Texas massacre, but we had not received any information about it in months. Things finally changed today, since Netflix has given us the official synopsis of this future feature film and here we share it.

NETFLIX Describe this movie as follows:

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE | 2022 | Official Trailer HD | Nell Hudson, Elsie Fisher, Jacob Latimore

Melody (Sarah Yadkin), her teenage sister (Elsie Fisher), and her friends Dante (Jacob Baltimore) and Ruth (Nell Hudson), go to the remote town of Harlow, Texas to start a new and idealist business. But his dream soon becomes a nightmare when they accidentally annoy the home of Leather face, a degenerate serial killer whose bloody legacy continues to terrorize the citizens of the area — including Sally Hardest (Owen Four), the only survivor of his infamous massacre in 1973 Who now seeks revenge.

As you can see, the original character of Sally will be back and now in search of revenge. Out of this, we still have many details about it, but hopefully, that will change in the coming weeks.

In fact, a few months ago the rumor has also been circulated that someone would already be adapting this franchise to the world of video games and here you can know more details about it.

The sequel of The Texas Massacre will be released at Netflix February 18, 2022.

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