On Wednesday comes the new map at Cod Warzone   you should know now

On Wednesday comes the new map at Cod Warzone you should know now

On Wednesday, Call of Duty starts the first joint Season Battle Royale War zone with Cod Vanguard. War zone gets a new map in the frame, switches to the graphic engine of Vanguard and goes offline for a while. Mango shows you an overview with the most important information of the Pacific Update.

The free Call of Duty: War zone is just before your biggest update so far and will be War zone: Pacific on December 8th. Among other things come with the update:

The new map Caldera — a Pacific Island
Almost 40 new weapons from Vanguard
Aircraft and anti-air trucks as vehicles
Revised graphic
New anti-cheat Ricochet

We show you important information as details about downloading, server-downtime and the expiration of the changeover. An overview with some changes you can set to.

Everything for download — release, size, preload

*NEW* WARZONE MAP is INCREDIBLE! (Warzone Pacific Map Update)

When is the update? Season 1 starts on December 8th at 06 o’clock in the morning. When you can download the new War zone Update, however, is not quite clarified yet. However, we already know when the update will be online in War zone: on 08.12. By 18 clocks.

There is a preload? Due to the experiences from the last Seasons we expect a preload for the Pacific Update. But even there is no fixed statements from the developers yet.

We update the article accordingly as soon as the details are known.

When do the servers go down? with the start of the Season 1 on 08.12. At 6 o’clock the War zone servers go down for 12 hours:

Server Down Start: 08. December at 06 o’clock
Server Down end: 08. December at 6 pm

During this time you can not play a war zone.

About which Launcher do I start then War zone? So far, it is not quite clear whether War zone is still started from the Launcher of COD MW or moves to the Vanguard launcher.

What about Vanguard in Season 1? Also the premium title of Call of Duty gets with Season 1 new content for the multiplayer and its zombie mode. All information about Season 1 can be found here:

Everything about the expiration of the Pacific Update

What happens to the server Down in War zone? Current are 2 events in War zone Online:

Event game mode: Operation Flashback
Collection Event: Secrets of the Pacific

In addition, on Monday evening, 06. December at 7 pm, another event game mode starts: Last Hours of Verdant. Much is not known to the new event, but everything revolves around the farewell to the old map and the transition to the new card.

The farewell event is then online 24 hours to 07.12. At 19 o’clock.

When can I play Caldera? You can play the Pacific Update at 18 o’clock on December 8th. However, not all players have access to the new map Caldera.

Only buyers of Cod: Vanguard can get started immediately and immerse yourself in the game modes on the new map. If you did not buy Vanguard, you have to wait 24 hours longer:

Vanguard buyer: Caldera access on 08.12. By 18 clock
Non-buyer: Caldera access on 09.12. By 18 clocks

During this 24 hours, non-buyers are available only 2 versions of the small Rebirth Island -Map: Revival and Mini Royale should be at the start of the playlist.

What does the playlist look at the start?

Battle Royale (Caldera)
Vanguard Royale (Caldera)
Begged (Caldera)
Restriction (Rebirth Island)
Mini Royale (Rebirth Island)

What is Vanguard Royale ? The new game mode puts the Vanguard weapons at the center, and you can only use shooters from the latest cod. There are also the new vehicles — aircraft and an anti-air truck.

In the normal Battle Royale there is only the previously known vehicles and all weapons — including the new Vanguard weapons.

Everything about the content and the island Caldera

What’s up to the map? Since new card Caldera is a volcano island in the middle of the Pacific and works very differently than the old map Verdant. Instead of gray concrete walls in the Cold War, it goes into a green island paradise with many beaches, holiday feeling and without skyscrapers with endless staircases.

The developers report that the new map of the old card is only similar to one point: the size. Otherwise, we get a completely new experience created on the basis of the feedback to the War zone since the release. If you want to look at the trailer and many pictures for the new, green homeland of the war zone, you will find more material here:

What’s all going into the game? War zone does not just get a new map. The Pacific Update is a complete revision that affect many areas of the game and creates a new player experience.

Conversion to Vanguard Engine
New gameplay options
Nearly 40 new weapons
Anti-cheat Ricochet
New Story in World War

If you want to get deeper and now know more about the new War zone, we have all importantly summarized in our special to the Pacific Update. You want to surprise you, then cram out your bathing clothes and packs your suitcases for good weather — from Wednesday will be tropical in War zone.

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