The Matrix 4  Atmospheric Teaser

The Matrix 4 Atmospheric Teaser

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In the video, in the background, first the voice of Trinity is heard from one of the former films. In it, she explains that a Déjà vu is in principle nothing but a glitch in the matrix. It only occurs when a change to the matrix is ​​made. Apparently, this statement also has some meaning in the new film.

THE MATRIX 4 RESURRECTIONS Trailer 2 (New, 2021)

Furthermore, the teaser trailer shows a mix of scenes from the previous matrix trilogy, which partly with cutouts from The Matrix (Buy Now €18.90): Resurrections overlap. There are already known from the first trailer already known material to see as well as some completely new scenes. Much suggests that a new matrix simulation was started, which is based on the old code. This would explain, among other things, why Neo and trinity seem to enjoy the best health, while everything else is new or at least greatly changed. In addition, the Teaser Trailer gives an indication that the character played by Jonathan Goff will probably be the great villain of the film.

The theatrical release of The Matrix: Resurrections in Germany is planned for the 23rd of December 2021 and thus one day before the sacred evening. For the movie Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss returned in their roles as Neo and Trinity. Also, Jada Pickett Smith as Niobe celebrates a comeback. Besides included are the well-known actor Neil Patrick Harris (as the analyst ) and Christina Rich in a previously unknown role. The director led Lana Wazowski this time, at the first trilogy, Lilly Wazowski joined.

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