One O One Games unveils Aftermath  a psychological thriller on a deserted land planet

One O One Games unveils Aftermath a psychological thriller on a deserted land planet

Another Globe (frequently reduced to AW) is an American TV daytime soap that broadcast on NBC from Might 4, 1964, to June 25, 1999. It was produced by IRA Phillips together with William J. Bell, and also was created by Procter & Wager Productions at NBC Studios, 1268 JC Studios in Brooklyn.
Establish in the imaginary town of Bay City, the collection originally opened with announcer Costs Wolff intoning its epigram, We do not reside in this globe alone, however in a thousand various other globes, which Phillips said stood for the difference between the world of events we reside in, and also the globe of sensations and also dreams that we make every effort for. Another Globe focused much less on the traditional drama of domestic life as seen in various other daytime soap, as well as much more on unique melodrama between households of various classes as well as ideologies.
In 1964, Another Globe was the first daytime soap to speak about abortion when such subjects were taboo. It was the initial daytime soap to do a crossover, with the personality of Mike Bauer from Guide, which was also produced by IRA Phillips, coming from Springfield to Bay City. It was also the first to increase to one hr, after that to ninety minutes, and afterwards back to a hr. It was the first soap to introduce 2 spin-offs, Somerset and Texas, as well as an indirect one, Lovers and also Buddies, which would be renamed For Richer, For Poorer. An additional World was also the second soap opera with a theme tune to chart on the Signboard record graphs, (You Take Me Away To) An Additional World by Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris, in 1987.
On April 12, 1999, NBC introduced it was canceling An additional World with its final episode on the network broadcasting on June 25, 1999. NBC replaced Another World with another daytime soap, Passions, on July 5, 1999.

Author of the Psychological Horror Game The Suicide of Rachel Foster, the Italian Studio One-O-One Games intends to see more Ghent with its next achievement, Aftermath.

In Aftermath, the player presses the destiny of Charlie Gray, an engineer and astronaut who, back from spatial mission, finds the earth completely uninhabited. Finally, not completely, because an extraterrestrial presence is unlikely to manifest in the form of an invisible but determined presence to track our heroin. Other creatures, clearly visible, will also be on the road and Charlie will have to put all his resources into the battle for his survival.

The title promises to take advantage of the engineering skills of his heroine: by observing his environment and taking some notes, Charlie will be able to carry out his own craft plans to confine the inventions of his vintage. Of course, its survival will also go through good nutrition to preserve its physical and mental health.

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The action will take place in a European city, fragmented by the influence of a powerful extraterrestrial artifact occupying its sky. Charlie will have to make all the light on the circumstances of the disappearance of the entire humanity and understand the nature of the strange events taking place before his eyes, while working every moment on his own survival. Finally, artistically, the title will benefit from the imagination and pencil shot of Alessandro Bavaria, Concept Artist having worked on the alien film: Covenant of Ridley Scott or the remake of Spirit released in the rooms in 2018. Aftermath is expected on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series in the course of next year.

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