Is the 1st FC Cologne prematurely with Baumgart

Is the 1st FC Cologne prematurely with Baumgart

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Steffen Rampart (birthed January 5, 1972, in Rostock) is a German football trainer and also previous gamer. Since July 2021 he is head train of the first FC Cologne.

Under coach Steffen Rampart, the 1st FC Cologne has not only stabilized athletic, but also get calm into the traditionally restless environment. Therefore, those responsible may now think about premature contract renewal.

As the Gassing speculates, the 1st FC Cologne and Steffen Rampart could soon put on a table to discuss a premature extension of the 2023 expiring contract. The initiative should come from the club, which could hedge against an unwanted depreciation attempt with the help of an exit clause.

Really, however, this conversation will probably not go over the stage, the portal limits at the same time. Since the Effie will officially lift his new stabilized athletic chief Christian Keller officially to office on April 1, 2022, and this should be involved in the decision, the topic of contract renewal could take a few months.

The Cologne responsible does not worry about the Cologne. When we stay successful, the talks about the extension come automatically, said stabilized athleticing director Thomas Kessler a few days ago in the valley Loss MER Sch wade.

Older wishes for a long cooperation with Rampart after a few months, Kessler also betrayed: We are all Total Happy. Steffen fits sensational to Cologne, and it is very important to have a coach that identifies and totally identified with the FC authentically comes over. The association hope that many years stays so.

Rampart does not regret change to 1. FC Cologne

The affection is definitely due to reciprocity, because at least with the stabilized athleticing development of the team, Rampart showed more than satisfied even a few days ago. Some had doubts whether our team can play this football. Now she shows that she has the quality, he said the stabilized athletic Image.

That he left the SC Paderborn in the summer and changed to the Rhine, Rampart regrets. The decision was right because I wanted to do something new. I have the most beautiful job in the world. Not only does it have to do with the people and the club, because I always love football — but also with them, praised the coach his employer.

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