How to cross the way to the victory in Pok mon Bright diamond and Pok mon Glutter pearl

How to cross the way to the victory in Pok mon Bright diamond and Pok mon Glutter pearl

When you arrive at the last hours of Bright Diamond Pokémon and Pokémon Glittering Pearl, you will find a cave called Victory Road that you should go through to get to the Pokémon League. As in the previous Games of Pokémon, this is a long segment that can be very confusing to navigate. If you are lost or stuck, we have it covered. Here is How to cross Victory Road in Bright Diamond Pokémon and Pokémon Pearl Grazing.

How to cross the way to victory

Before entering the Victory Road cave, we recommend that you be supplied with potions, rectory and grow again. There are several trainer battles and many high-level wild Pokemon meetings in this game segment.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Victory Road Guide
In addition, you must ensure that the following movements are registered in your POKE CH application: Climb, SMASH, Strength, Surf and Stunt. All these are necessary to navigate by Victory Road.

Once you enter Victory Road, cross the three front bridges, on your right, and continue straight. Use Rock Climb to descend along the cliff to the right of the bridge.

Then go to the left until you reach a small staircase. Climb these stairs and go to the north until you see two sets of stairs to your left that lead to a higher part of the cave.

In the next area, you will see different types of rocks blocking your way. Use Rock Smash to crush the brown rocks that lead to the south and go down.

In a few steps you will find three gray rocks that you will need to use the strength to move. Encourage them in this order: Right rock down, upper rock left, medium rock down.

Continue to the left where you will see other gray rocks that can be moved. Push the left rock down, then use Rock Smash on the brown rock, then pushes the gray rock to where it was before.

From there, he continues to the right until you see three more gray rocks. Push the upper rock just a space on the right, then go to the north.

You will see some stairs down, so take it and crosses the bridge, using Rock Climb to descend by that cliff.

Climb and turn around this turn and go down some more stairs to a new area. Now I should see a puddle of water. Navigate through it taking the inner road passing the trainer until you reach a waterfall. Use the movement of the waterfall to climb and continue surfing. Eventually you will go to another trainer, you will surf south, and you will see another ladder that goes up.

We are almost there! Take the stairs, go to the left until you see a coach, then go immediately to the south under a bridge. Turn right, climb a cliff with Rock Climb and cross the last bridge to the north.

If you have followed these instructions, you will find the exit of the cave to the left. Finally, you arrived at the Pokémon League.

That’s all you need to know How to cross Victory Road in Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Pearl Grazing. To get more tips and tricks, be sure to check our wiki guide for the game.

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