A new MMO of Marvel is in development by the creators of DC Universe online

A new MMO of Marvel is in development by the creators of DC Universe online

Marvel is pulling the house by the window as to its superhero universe, it is something that has occurred since the last decade in the cinema, and we are also seeing it with video games. Projects such as the Spider-Man of Insomniac Games, for which we are already waiting for a sequel, Marvel’s Avengers or the recent Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, are just some titles have adapted their universe.

*NEW* MMO Marvel Game Announced by DCUO Devs
But the fans of Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk, are congratulated, because thanks to the last investor report of End Global 7, we have been able to know that they are working on a massive multiplayer online game based In Marvel franchises, developed by Dimensional Ink Studios and directed by Jack Emmett, co-founder of Cryptic Studios.

DC Universe Online will receive content and a graphic update at 2023 Emmett was the City of Heroes director, although he takes charge of DC Universe online more than a decade. The development of the new MMO of Marvel reaches several closed projects and other canceled projects. We still do not have an approximate date for the arrival of this new MMO, although we know that will be an ambitious super production.

Meanwhile, DC Universe Online has confirmed a great investment for update all its graphic section, in addition to the arrival of an expansion of Content for 2023. The game, which has celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, arrived in Nintendo Switch in 2019, with a great reception celebrated by its creators.

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