Nintendo Switch   Cyber

Nintendo Switch Cyber

Since last week, running in the Nintendo shop cyber-deals, with over 1000 deals for Nintendo Switch. Already for the start of the campaign we presented you some highlights, today we place again after a further ten-Deals, to which there are discount up to 90 percent. The Cyber-offers will run until 30 November. The overview of all deals can be found here:

Cyber ​​deals in Nintendo shop: Over 1,000 deals for Nintendo Switch


The indie hit Hades is one of the biggest critics favorites of recent years. We play Agrees, the son of the god Hades, who tries to escape the underworld and the dominion of his father. Fortunately, we are supported by other gods that give us the go special skills. The gameplay consists of action-packed hack-and-slash fighting from the top-down perspective in which we create ourselves with lots of creative designed monsters. Since it is a Roguelike, we have to start over after the death, but new weapons and abilities unlock and also learn more and more about the amazingly complex backstory.

Hades instead of €24,99 for €17,49 in the Nintendo shop

Enfilade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

The Enfilade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is a graphical greatly improved and also the content of the original extended version released for the Wii RPG hits. There is a new epilogue called The connected future ‘which further extends the approximately 100 hours already enormous playing time of the original. That being the RPG convinced by tactically challenging battles, complex and motivating progress mechanics and giant through its game world. The epic story captivates in which it broadly summarized, is about a long-simmering conflict between people and machines being.

Enfilade Chronicles: Definitive Edition instead of €59,99 for €39,99 in the Nintendo shop

22 FIFA Legacy Edition

With the FIFA 22 Legacy Edition brings you the best football leagues in the world with the current clubs, players and jerseys on your Nintendo Switch. Moreover, compared to its predecessor, there are a few new stages and graphical changes. Otherwise, has not changed much, but you get the usual quality. All from FIFA 21 Legacy Edition familiar features, modes and competitions are back with it, including the UEFA Champions League, which was missing a few years ago in the FIFA series. Of course, a career mode, various online modes and FIFA Ultimate are also included team again. But the latter is as usual on in-game purchases.

FIFA 22 instead of €39,99 for €27,99 in the Nintendo shop

Dark Souls Remastered

The technically improved remastered version of Dark Souls can you get for half price. The action RPG is characterized among other things by its atmospheric, gloomy Art design, his mysterious game world and the nested levels where we come again and again surprises. Dark Souls became famous, however, especially for the high degree of difficulty. You should be prepared to die many deaths and to do the same if necessary respawned enemies again and again. As always better to find your way with time in the excellent combat system and also the character is getting stronger, but it creates some point even the toughest opponents.

Dark Souls Remastered instead of €39,99 for €19,99 in the Nintendo shop

Pinyin 3 Deluxe

Pinyin 3 Deluxe, the switch version is the originally released for Wii U game and not only offers technical improvements, but also a new co-op mode. The latter you can experience two of the entire story campaign. Pinyin 3 Deluxe is a mixture of adventure, action and strategy game. Stranded on an alien planet, we command the army of Pinyin, which is cute, colorful plants being. Depending on the color they have different skills and can, for example, fly or are refractory what we both in the fighting and must take advantage of smart into the puzzles. If you want to Play a sample before buying first time, the Nintendo shop considers the way a free demo available.

Pinyin 3 Deluxe instead of €59,99 for €39,99 in the Nintendo shop

Green Light

Green Hell sends us alone in the jungle, where we not only struggle with wild animals, but also with laggards, hunger and psychic stress. After all, however, we have a radio through which a mysterious voice always gives us tips and instructions. As far as the gameplay is concerned, the survival game offers a mixture of action, exploration, resource picking and crafting, as you can also know from other games of the genre. Through his special realism, however, GREEN is bright from the competition. However, this also leads to the survival vapor in the jungle is particularly hard.

Green bright instead of €24,99 for €6.24 in the Nintendo shop

Lego City Undercover

While some LEGO games are rather linear, LEGO City offers a large, open game world in the style of a GTA. However, we do not play a criminal here, but on the contrary, on the contrary, the role of the police Chase McCain, who tries to bring the escaped detainee Rex Fury back to prison. We explore the 20 varied districts of Lego City and hatch in a variety of panels. Lego City Undercover also scores with the typical humor of the LEGO series, including many guest performances of well-known characters. In contrast to older versions of the game, the switch version offers coop mode by the way.

Lego City Undercover instead of €59,99 for €14,99 in the Nintendo shop


The gloomy puzzle platformer is 90 percent cheaper. He captivates mainly through his oppressive atmosphere, which he creates, among other things, by the skillful game with light and shadow as well as the mysterious history. Since the game is completely renounced text, we have to bring together the latter from the pictures and noises to a certain extent themselves. We play a boy who seems to be on the run from the bugs of a totalitarian regime. Which dark plan this regime is pursuing, we later get to feel the body later… Incidentally, there is also the very similar predecessor Limbo especially in the Nintendo shop cheaper, namely for €1.99 instead of €9.99.

Inside instead of €19.99 for €1.99 in the Nintendo shop

Naval two

In Unravel Two, as in the first part, we control the cute wool basket Yarn through elaborate 2D levels with pretty landscapes and backgrounds. This time, however, it will be accompanied by a second wool bulb, from which new mechanics result. For example, a woolen ball on the thread of the other can swing over an abyss. In addition, there is now a co-op mode, but unsavory Two still remains easy to play alone. The gameplay consists of Jump & Run passages and little riddles and is not too demanding. INVOLVED TWO targets a more relaxed gaming experience where the atmosphere is in the foreground.

Unravel Two instead of €29,99 for €5.09 in the Nintendo shop

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a 2D Action Platformer with Roguelike Mechanics shining above all through its exciting fights. We have a variety of different types of weapons with which we have to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents if we want to succeed. The optically and playfully very different levels also provide variety. After death, as usual in the Roguelike genre, we have to start from the front again, but turn up new weapons and skills and always have the feeling that at least a little progress made. Since the structure of the levels is randomly generated, no passage is another other.

Dead Cells instead of €24,99 for €14,99 in the Nintendo shop

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