No Man s Sky X Mass Effect  You can earn the Normandy soon

No Man s Sky X Mass Effect You can earn the Normandy soon

Hello Games have come up with something for No Man’s Sky at the turn of the year: the four expeditions, which took place distributed over the year in the game, get all a short appearance again, so that we can get rewards that we might miss in the first round to have. The highlight is the Normandy known from the Mass Effect series, which you can safely back up soon (via Euro gamer).

no man’s sky expeditions as a live service

How to work Expeditions in No Man’s Sky: Expedition is actually just another name for a live event. It is a special game mode in which all start on the same planet and break in a community expedition to different milestones that bring different tasks. If you have completed the event, your score is transformed into normal mode from the expedition mode and may keep the any rewards.

The dates of all four expeditions:

Expedition 1 (Pioneer): November 24 to 7 December
Expedition 2 (Beachhead): 8th December to 21 December
Expedition 3 (Cartographers): 22 December to January 4th
Expedition 4 (Emergence): January 5 to 19 January

The Normandy is part of Expedition 2

If you want to get the spaceship of Commander Shepard and his crew, you have to be patient, because Normandy can only get you in the context of Expedition 2. Beachhead then ended surprisingly with a performance of the well-known ship. Today we know what awaits us, so into the cockpit.

And here is the trailer for Normandy in No Man‘s Sky:

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Get the Normandy In 90 Minutes or Less  |  No Man's Sky BeachHead Expedition 2021
no man’s sky now with 17 big updates

Hello Games also takes the announcement of the expedition return for the occasion to review the last five years again. It is already amazing what has become of the indie title after the suboptimal launch. 17 big release are now available for many updates and patches for no man’s sky. Most recently, the extension of Frontiers was released. We are very proud to deny this adventure with you, say the developers on the fans. Also, for 2022 already exciting plans should exist.

Do you still play No Man’s Sky? And get the Normandy?

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