Mass Effect Deal with Amazon Fast Final  Scifi epic gets watch TV

Mass Effect Deal with Amazon Fast Final Scifi epic gets watch TV

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This year, Shepard, Joker and Co. celebrated their comeback with the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which contains all three parts of the original Mass Effect trilogy. How to know shortly after the release of the collection, Netflix works already on a series implementation. Not as fans have hoped for. But a new hope driver seems to be in planning.

Amazon Plant Mass Effect Series

As the magazine Deadline reports, a Mass Effect series should be in the planning. For the series implementation, however, Netflix would be responsible, but Amazon Studios. The company has already secured the film rights at the Fallout series to produce a TV adaptation.

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Employee Jennifer Ole explained that the studio wants to invest more in fantasy franchises:

You will see that we will continue to invest in all types of fantasy genres. We have a team specializing in the genre in the studios, which works tirelessly with our creative partners on these projects, and they can look forward to more.

However, it is not certainly not sure that the series is implemented. The deal between Amazon and Publisher Electronic Arts is not yet final, so it could still come to the deal is scanned.

What do we know about the series? Unfortunately, no information about the series is known. So we do not know if Commander Shepard will emerge in the series and whether there are other minor characters such as Lara and Tali in the series.

Our impression of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition can be found in the Gamer test:

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Alternative to the Netflix series

Also, Netflix works on a series implementation to Mass Effect. However, no real acting enters are used here, because the series is an animated show. The events do not turn around Commander Shepard. The TV series tells a story that takes place in parallel with the events from Mass Effect 1-3. Some minor characters could nevertheless appear.

The Netflix series should also be interactive. This means that spectators can choose the class and gender of the main character and can make some decisions in the course of history. This feature is likely to know fans from the video games.

The Project Director of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition already spoke against interactive formats, since the focus should not be on the fact that watches decide on the fate of the figures. However, he generally looks forward to a series implementation.

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How would you want a series implementation of Mass Effect? ​​

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