Ibrahimovic About Brutal Foul to Azpilicueta  War intention

Ibrahimovic About Brutal Foul to Azpilicueta War intention

In the World Cup play-offs, Sweden will start without Latin Ibrahimović (40). The attacker had picked up in the detention time of the last qualifying game in Spain (0: 1) as a change in a yellow lock, which was unnecessary for everyone — just not for Ibrahimović itself.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic BANNED first leg World Cup play off after brutal shoulder Cesar Azpilicueta
In a Swedish corner, Ibrahimović Cesar Azpilicueta (32) had brutally rammed the left shoulder in his back, so the Chelsea captain crashed into his frontman and finally to the ground. Now the managers confessed frankly, I would do it again. 100%. That’s me.

What was just going on in him? I did it purposely, and do not shame me to say that. Because he made something stupid towards one of my teammates, said Ibrahimović the Guardian. Azpilicueta had the great man played compared to the namely not mentioned teammates.

You do not have the eggs to face it to me

That he had punished that with a dare for whom red would have been adequate, Ibrahimović readily finds stupid, but: I’ve done it anyway to make it clear: ‘You do not do that. You do not have damn The eggs to make it opposite me. I’ll show you what happens if you do that. ‘ That’s why I did it.

Azpilicueta had after the game, the Spain secured the World Cup ticket, only with the Tweet all good here and a photo that shows him smiling in the plane, responded to the scene. And on the square? What should he say? So Ibrahimović contemptible. He will not tell me, but say my teammate — who will do nothing because he is too nice.

That he is now blocked, Ibrahimović does not bother. That’s why it’s not, he says. It’s about making the guy realizing that you do not feel funny about anyone, which lies on the ground. You do not tackle a dog that does not talk about. Grip the one who is able to do something. It’s too easy to harass my players who are 20 and very nice. I hope he understands that now.

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