PS5  Sony registers a patent for Official PlayStation 5 Covers

PS5 Sony registers a patent for Official PlayStation 5 Covers

This article notes one of the most sold computer game all the platforms, along with games marketed greater than a million duplicates on the different existing systems.

Sony Interactive Entertainment hdesign registered at the Office of Trademarks and U. Patents of the United States A document that adds the current roof design of the consoles family PlayStation 5. Approved this November 16, 2021, the paper explicit that design Of these housings corresponds to that of its current domestic console, PS5, and design all patent serves for to support the leg use of that design for eventual commercial uses.

Although the first thing you can come to the head is that Sony is planning the commercialization of covers of different colors for PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, the truth is that this record does not indicate anything about it; In fact, The main use of this patent is that third parties publish without a license covers of the console. During this ldesignt year several companies have tried, but all have been withdrawn from the Sony intervention sale.

Not in vain, having a legal approval for the amortization of these covers, designed by Yuan Okinawa (Sony), opens the doors to the sale of new interchangeable models of the chdesignsis cdesignings of the console or new PS5 colors.

The registered design is bdesigned on an ornamental design for a cover of an electronic device. Both the higher PS5 housing and the lower one can be removed without compromising the expiration of the product warranty.

What did Sony said when designked for a possible PS5 of another color?

Unboxing Sony Playstation 5 - PS5 er utrolig!
If we welcome the official statements, Sony made it clear ldesignt July 2020, months before the premiere of PlayStation 5, which would speak of more colors of the console and the Dual sense command at some point. They did not close the doors to that possibility. And so it wdesign: The command of PS5 already hdesign a growing range of colors, not just the initial target. Now is the console that is waiting for that possibility. Fans have demanded a PS5 model in black.

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