All 22 weapons of Battlefield 2042 at a glance  These are yours

All 22 weapons of Battlefield 2042 at a glance These are yours

Mercury Kings is a 2D activity video game and third-party shooting offered for PlayStation 4 created by Tribute Games with a design of 16-bit illustrations. It was released on April 2, 2014. In the game creates component of a mercenary groups where you have to go by executing the objectives that send you with your abilities.

To release, there are BATTLEFIELD 2042 exactly 22 weapons to choose from. Random introduces you all. We also tell you the most important advantages and disadvantages of any weapon and briefly explain how you use it best.

We introduce you to all 22 weapons you can play in Battlefield 2042. Furthermore, we also call you the most important advantages and disadvantages of the weapons. In addition, we give a brief assessment for optimal use of each weapon. Another 55 weapons are available to you in Battlefield Portal.

Although currently in particular storm rifles are weaker thanks to the Bloom problem, but this should be solved soon. Accordingly, we will mention the Bloom, but in this overview and our overall assessment, it only plays a subordinate role.

Secondary weapon


Description: Compact, light and reliable Austrian pistol.

Features: light, aggressive, minimum distance

Released from: Rank 1

How do I use this weapon? The G57 is a weapon for emergencies. It is a good retention if you have to reload its primary weapon — or no ammunition left.

She is not very strong, but reliable. If you think before a melee situation, to change the fire mode of the G57, you can share good damage through the Salve fire.


Very good handling
Big magazine
Fire mode Salve makes the weapon strong in melee


Bad at distances
Little damage
Will quickly imprecise


Description: The MP28 transforms the 9 mm pistol M28 into a stable and precise carabiner.

Features: Precise, reduced distance

Released from: Rank 17

How do I use this weapon? The mp28 is a good choice if you have a primary weapon, which is good only in melee. The MP28 may not replace a DMR, but on medium distances you can shoot precisely on opponents.

The damage is not brilliant, but good enough to reliably kill an opponent.


Good on medium distances
Good fire rate
Law of high damage


Average in melee
Magazine falls quite small


Description: The M44 was originally developed for the big game hunt and has enough penetration to bring the most dangerous predators to the route.

Features: Manual, High-Power

Released from: Rank 29

How do I use this weapon? The M44 is not a weapon that you should use in hectic moments. It should be used less to catch a lack of ammunition of the primary weapon.

Instead, the M44 billies if you can meet with your very precise opposing heads — even on surprisingly high distances you need only a shot for the kill.


Can kill with a headshot
High range


Requires very good AIM
Only 6 shots
Slow recharge time
Shoots slowly

Machine guns (MP)


Description: The PBX-45 was developed by the private sector for potential foreign military and NGO customers and offers a breakthrough.45 ACP Alternative to lighter MPS. The delayed recoil reduces the rise of the run.

Features: Versatile, controllable, short distance

Released from: Rank 1

How do I use this weapon? The PBX-45 is never a bad choice. She can not be very good, but is not awful in any way.

The weapon is effective on almost all distances and can be controlled well despite quite high recoil. Many essays make the gun even more flexible.


Recoil is easy to control, but…
High fire rate
Can be used flexibly
Strong in melee
Good on medium distances


… recoil is comparatively high
Small magazine for high fire rate
Average damage
Bad at a distance


Description: MP designed 9 mm Makarios pistol ammunition with a unique snail magazine with 53 shot, which also acts as a handle.

Features: High capacity, reduced distance

Released from: Rank 18

How do I use this weapon? The PP-29 is currently the best machine gun and the most flexible weapon in the game. In Battlefield 2042 she is just one of the most popular and best weapons.

The PP-29 is so flexible that its hard to use it wrong. Although it is not recommended using them on the highest distances — but it is not completely useless. This MP is the right choice in almost every situation.


Very easy to play
Controllable recoil
A lot of ammunition with fast replicas animation
Fast handling


Bad fire rate
Few attachments hardly change weapon
Hip fire is not the best
Not the best option on higher distances


Description: The Swiss MP9 is a compact MP for short distances that are fed with an extended 30-shot magazine for 9 mm bullets.

Features: controllable, easy

Released from: Rank 36

How do I use this weapon? The MP9 is a monster in melee and playing very fun. With short fire cracks, the weapon is also on a medium distance.

Because the MP9 only has 20 balls in the standard magazine, Chaotic melee-tumer is quick to make a problem. Both the PBX and the PP-29 are standard current. The MP9 can be at least as good with essays.


Recoil is easy to control, but…
Very high fire rate
Very strong in short fire cracks
Very good hip fire
Fast handling


… recoil is very high
Very little ammunition in the standard magazine
Little damage
Unusable on higher distances


Description: Unique recoil system that derives the force down, which compensates for the rise of the run and increases the precision of the continuous fire compared to other MPS.

Battlefield 2042   All Weapons
Features: Aggressive, Extreme Cadenza, Minimal Distance

Released from: Rank 53

How do I use this weapon? The K30 is an extreme version of the MP9. All strengths and weaknesses of the Swiss MP also appear in this weapon, but in even stronger form.

Therefore, it also applies to you: Great in melee, bad for everything else. Since melee in Battlefield 2042 is the exception, instead of the rule, the weapon has only a small niche. This dominates the K30 but easily.


Outstanding high fire rate
Fantastic hip fire
Fast handling
Pretty good damage


Recoil is very high
Very little ammunition in the standard magazine
Unusable on higher distances

Storm rifles


Description: The M5A3 has been the standard rifle of the US military since 2034 and sprouts semi-or fully automatic different amounts of ambition.

Features: Versatile, controllable, medium distance

Released from: Rank 1

How do I use this weapon? A look at the values ​​of the M5A3 betray what is behind the weapon: 50 out of 100 points, the weapon has by default in all categories. Even the cadence and magazine screeds are average.

But thats no disadvantage: the M5A3 is never the best weapon, but in most situations a good choice. Because in Battlefield 2042 a situation can change quickly, you are always well wavered with the M5A3. The essays continue to help.

Once the Bloom problem is released with a patch, we can recommend this weapon. Until then, the MPS is a better choice.


Has no special weaknesses
Good fire rate
Little recoil
Many essays make the gun even more versatile


Has no special strengths
Lose in extreme situations against other weapons
Currently suffers from Bloom


Description: Will meet all advance laurels for Russian assault rifles. Scores caliber 5.45 × 39 mm with three fire modes and a 30-glivial magazine.

Features: High-power, medium distance

Released: Rank 11

How do I use this weapon? The AK-24 is currently suffering from the Bloom problem. Apart from that, the weapon is comparable to the M5A3, but exchanges a little more damage and reach against a significantly higher recoil.

This is an advantage on shorter and medium distances, but can quickly become a big disadvantage.


Above average a lot of damage
Good at higher distances
Three fire modes make the weapon flexible


Below average fire rate
A lot of recoil
Currently suffers from Bloom


Description: Designed for SODOM. Standard NATO ammunition in caliber 7.62 mm. Supports semi-automatic and fully automatic. The standard grenade launcher ELM 40 mm and you can cause proper damage to various goals.

Features: High Power, Destruction, Hard

Released from: Rank 27

How do I use this weapon? The FARM GL suffers less heavily under Bloom than other assault rifles. For assault rifle fans, the weapon is currently the best choice. However, the standard TT with the weapon is very long with the weapon. This is due to the slow fire rate.

Together with the small magazine, the weapon leaves much to be desired — despite strong grenade. But essays improve the weapon noticeable. If you can bite through the difficult beginning with the gun, you will reward with a strong weapon.


High damage
Recoil is easy to control, but…
Grenade launcher is strong
Suffers not as strong as other assault rifles at Bloom


Small Magazine
… high recoil
Poor handling
Slow rate of fire
Default TT to be desired
If only perfect with essays

AC 42

Description: The AC-42 is a Russian next-generation assault rifle and uses an unusual bull pup configuration to be compact without sacrificing run length or precision.

Features: volley fire, extreme cadence

Unlocked from: Rank 40

How do I use this weapon A look at the numbers: No value of the AC-42 is below average. The cadenza is here the largest upward outliers: The gun fires twice as fast as the FARM. These figures are compensated for the AC-42 can not shoot fully automatic.

This is currently one giant advantage because it is less affected by Bloom.

The TT the AC-42 is scary fast: A three-shot salvo in the near distance kill an opponent — at 30 bullets in the magazine are potentially the 10 dead enemies without reloading.


Incredibly high rate of fire
Can kill with a volley
Above-average values
Suffers not as strong as other assault rifles at Bloom


No fully automatic fire
Difficult to use at a distance



Description: The CMG goes back to the US special forces in the Vietnam War — its lightweight construction and the Constant-Recoil system offer unparalleled control. An ideal weapon to fire support in troop attacks.

Features: Versatile, continuous fire

Unlocked from: Rank 3

How do I use this weapon? The first of currently two LEG in the game behaves exactly how a standard LEG imagine.

Much ammunition is balanced by a heaviness of all animations. So not so much emphasis on perfect precision you have to apply and can with continuous fire opponents put pressure.

So fans of this type of weapon come with the CMG at their expense. Unfortunately, it is currently also affected by Bloom, albeit not as strong as some assault rifles.


Giant Magazine
Good damage
Good precision


Low rate of fire
LMG-typical, bad handling
LMG-typical, slow reloading
Currently affected by Bloom


Description: run traditional Russian LEG. Effective fire support in the 7.62 × 54 mm with belt-fed at a deadly rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute.

Features: aggressive, heavy, high capacity

Unlocked from: Rank 32

How do I use this weapon? The PKP BP has compared to CMG a significantly lower TT thanks to higher damage and faster rate of fire. However, they play once more cumbersome.

The PKP-BP is also significantly less accurate than the other LEG. Aggressive LEG players will enjoy with this weapon.


Giant Magazine
Very good TT
Plenty of ammunition


LMG-typical, bad handling
LMG-typical, slow reloading
Currently affected by Bloom



Description: precision against cadence. The DM7 can be configured with its elongated 40-cm run and the flexible attachment system SODOM RIS II for almost every mission. Prioritize goals that have your precision and reach.

characteristics: Versatile, larger distance

Released from: Rank 1

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How do I use this weapon? The DM7 is for us the current best weapon in the game. This weapon can be used without problems, although in most situations the game, but excels mainly on medium distances.

With the DM7 you must not stand still and camp, it is suitable both on the defensive and in the offensive.

But you should avoid close combat as possible. So try are possible in the back row of advancing troops, and build from there pressure on opponents.


Good, constant damage
Strong on high distances
Plenty of ammunition with good reload
Very precise, even when the character is in motion


Requires good Aim
In close combat, it has disadvantages against most other weapons
Slow to handle than many other weapons


Description: The Russian SVK was heavily influenced by Western counterparts and is a gas-operated short-stroke DMR m with a maximum effective range of 1,500.

Features: heavy, high-power, long distance

Unlocked from: Rank 14

How do I use this weapon? The SVK is one of the currently 3 best weapons for us. And that, although basically only a real strength has. But they can pick up: It makes the same damage to body like a sniper rifle. Her handling and her fire rate is significantly better compared to a sniper.

So you have to play exactly the play style, which the weapon requires you. Otherwise, it is very frustrating quickly. As long as you are patient and a standstill shoots on your opponents, it is an absolute monster.

But as soon as you want to play aggressively in some form, you will let you down quickly.


Always kills with two shots
Very strong at a distance


Requires almost perfect AIM
Very imprecise, if you move at the goals.
Little ammunition in the magazine
Slow handling
Very bad in melee


Description: Portable, light carabiner — he weighs only 3.8 pounds and is 57 cm long with folded shaft. Ideal for targeted operations with a silencer.

Features: light, short distance, precise

Released from: Rank 47

How do I use this weapon? The CAR is look like an MP, is listed as DMR — and is neither fish nor meat. This primary weapon is comparable to the function and damage with the MP28 — a secondary weapon.

The CAR does not justify her contradictory design as a melee-DMR in any way. Even the silencer recommended by the game Turns off only from about 200 kills. This weapon only plays as a joke or challenge.


Interesting design
Twice as much ammo as the MP28
Killed opponents feel great shame


Little damage
Performs as good as a pistol
Bad in melee
Bad at a distance

Sniper rifle


Description: Finnish cylinder clasp sniper rifle with light aluminum frame and adjustable / folding shaft.

Features: Versatile, great distance

Released from: Rank 1

How do I use this weapon? The SWS-10 has big weaknesses and fantastic strengths, but these are all expected from a sniper rifle.

The SWS-10 is, like all the first weapons, an average good weapon without great strengths or weaknesses for your weapon type.

Their comparatively high fire rate and the lush magazine for Sniper make them very beginner-friendly.


Kills with a headshot
Good fire rate for a sniper
Large magazine for a sniper
Thanks to essay flexibly usable


It takes 2 body shots for a kill
Unusable in melee


Description: The DXR-1 is light and compact, but nevertheless delivers deadly precision up to 800 m.

Features: heavy, high-power, extreme distance

Released from: Rank 24

How do I use this weapon? The game describes the weapon both easily, and hard. The values ​​show: This weapon is much heavier than the SWS-10.

These features make the weapon less flexible, but the current darling under snipers.

The MP28 is a good secondary weapon with the DXR-1 because it can adhere quickly and deadly to dirty body hits.


Kills with a headshot
Very precise
The most popular sniper RIF up


Body hit makes something too little damage for a kill
Bad handling
Unusable in melee


Description: South African wholesale anti-materiel rifle for neutralizing engine blocks and guns. Can destroy dreams up to 1,500 m.

Features: Anti-Materiel, Extreme Weight, Destruction

Released from: Rank 60

How do I use this weapon? The last weapon, which is unlocked in Battlefield 2042, is a force. It can also kill with a body hit.

If you hit the weaknesses of a tank, you can even destroy the NWT-50 faster than with a rocket launcher (via Reddit).

This power will be balanced by a very slow operation — and by a very late activation of the weapon itself.


A body hits can be fatal with the weapon
Strong against vehicles


Very little ammunition
Very slow cadenza
Very bad handling
Last unlockable weapon



Description: The tactical shotgun MCS-880 has been part of the festival arsenal of Americans for almost a century. Goals are optional.

Features: Versatile, high-power, reduced distance

Released from: Rank 1

How do I use this weapon? The MCS-880 is expediently unusable to higher distances. However, this Shotgun has much more range than you should think of other games.

In melee extreme dominant. Unlockable weapon attachments, such as Slug ammunition, increase the effectiveness on the distance a bit.


Very high damage
Very good hip fire
Effective on amazingly high distances
Essays increase flexibility


Unusable outside of house fighting

GVT 45-70

Description: Old school meets the combat requirements in the middle of the 21st century. With modern sighting and extensions, the 6-glory GVT 45-70 is the dream of each border dweller.

Features: Lightweight, aggressive, precise

Released from: Rank 21

How do I use this weapon? Do not let you blame: The GVT 45-70 is not a shotgun.

It is a modern version of the knees from the Wild West. In melee, this weapon is thus quasi unusable. With her out of distance on heads to shoot is very fun, but not necessarily extremely effective.

Meets all cowboy dreams, along with the M44.


Very fun to play
Kills with a head goal
Effective on high distances


Bad in melee

12 m car

Description: Despite the great resemblance to the Russian 12M car with the assault rifle family, from which she has its origins, there are blatant differences. Loading and unlocking, enjoyed.

Features: aggressive, fully automatic

Released from: Rank 44

How do I use this weapon? The only fully automatic shotgun in the game is extremely dominant in melee. Also, on a slightly higher distances, she makes a surprisingly damages, but should not be used.

A good choice to destroy attackers in the elevator in breakthrough on orbital or kaleidoscope.


Fully automatic
Very good in melee


For distances unusable

Incidentally, with the Seasons and the Battle Pass, other weapons should come into play after releasing. Which ones will be is currently not known.

These are all weapons in Battlefield 2042 at an overview. Which weapon is your favorite, and why? Which weapon do you still want to unlock? And which essays do you like to use? Looking your opinion in the comments.

With the weapon missions, however, you have to be careful, because many weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042 work differently than your thinking

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