Who should play Battlefield 2042  Here is the short check to multiplayer

Who should play Battlefield 2042 Here is the short check to multiplayer

The full release of Battlefield 2042 is in front of the door. After a week Early Access, it goes right on November 19th. But who should look at the game? Mango makes the short check for you.

What is Battlefield 2042? This is the latest offshoot of the most important shooter series from the House of Electronic Arts and is developed by the Studios Dice with the support of Ripple Effect Studios (formerly DICE LA) and Criterion Games.

The Battlefield series has always been known for its huge battlefields and material battles, in the big player groups meet.
Players can use military driving and aircraft, or fight in the infantry against enemy ground forces. Battlefield also relies on destruction. This comments another, tactical aspect.
While the last offshoot Battlefield V set his setting in the Second World War, Battlefield 2042 will play in the future.

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But it will not be a wedged Sci-Fi Shooter and keeps most of our present time. Nevertheless, there are some technical achievements such as robot dogs or other features and gadgets.
Who hopes a story campaign, should be disappointed. There is no single game campaign. Nevertheless, there is an overarching story to the multiplayer of Battlefield 2042, in which Germany goes bankruptcy and dissolves the EU.

When exactly Battlefield 2042? On Friday, 19 November 2021 is the official release of the shooter. Then comes the game for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on the market. A preload is already running for those who have already bought the game.

The Early Access started for buyers of certain editions and EA play subscribers already on November 12th. Accordingly, numerous players could gamble and give their impressions.

But who should actually look at the game? We summarize for you, for whom Battlefield 2042 is worth a look, for whom or who would rather wait.

Checklist — should I play Battlefield 2042?

So that you have a quick overview, we have prepared 15 statements for you. If you answer 10 of them with yes, Battlefield 2042 should definitely be interesting for you. Below we give you another overview of how the start went and what awaits you in Battlefield 2042.

I have no problem with numerous technical problems for the release
I played Battlefield earlier and always had fun
I am looking for an alternative to Call of Duty
I am on a modern military shooter with a small portion of Sci-Fi
I do not value a single player campaign
I love huge multiplayer cards
I like to control tanks, helicopters, jets and hovercrafts
Multiplayer battles with more than 60 players irritate me a lot
I like coordinated team play, and I m not a lonely wolf
I think it s important if you can destroy buildings and other things
I need a large selection of weapons and gadgets
I can make friends with some changes, such as the specialists instead of classes, as a Battlefield veteran
I like to craft your own modes in the editor.
I like games like Escape from Markov and Hunt: Showdown
I like to invest a lot of time to unlock all weapons, weapons and gadgets

Battlefield 2042 — What is there in it?

Why should I watch myself? Straight players who are bored from the current shooters like Cod: War zone rather bored and looking for an alternative, Battlefield 2042 should look at. The maps fall much bigger, the destruction and the numerous driving and aircraft comes a certain sense of actually being in a battle.

There are three great modes that you can play:

All-out Warfare — contains the two classic battlefield modes breakthrough and conquest
Hazard Zone — The mode remembers games like Escape from Markov and Hunt: Showdown. Her lands on a map and has to mount volumes, which you are for weir against players and NPCs
Battlefield Portal — The mode allows you to create your own modes, on the other hand, you can play maps and modes from three Battlefield classics

In All-out Warfare, the slaughtering teams of 64 vintage 64 players include, all this in the row 128 players on the map are traveling for the first time. Exceptions are the PS4 and Xbox One, which for technical reasons only 32 support 32 players.

With random events like Tornados, which can completely roll around a game, there are also elements such as weather, which play an important role and require certain tactics. The 7 cards are huge and offer variety.

So if you have always wanted to fly with a wing suit through a tornado or want to see a missile start right in front of your nose, you should definitely look in.

For the first time in the series there are no solid classes, but the new specialists. In principle, these are the classes of Battlefield 2042, except that players have significantly more freedom than typical class systems in other games. Here you find an overview of all contents of Battlefield 2042.

There is still a big one:

Problems overshadow the Early Access phase of Battlefield 2042

So the EA release of Battlefield 2042: Already during the beta, it became clear that Battlefield 2042 has great technical problems. Unfortunately, the developers did not manage to eliminate all problems to the release.

Although a lot has improved, yet it has been shown that many of the problems are still available to the Early Access:

Performance is just on the PC often main, optimization failing.
Storm rifles sprinkle so strong that they are even worse on medium distances, as machine guns.
The interface does not get well with the players, they even make their own designs.
Weapon attachments often do not work as the description says.
Overall, balancing of some vehicles and weapons is not okay.
Resuscitation may not be possible, some players can not even resow through a bug.

However, there is a first update that already concerns problems like Rubber banding and has fixed some other bugs.

Other, big problems such as the scattering of the assault rifles, the surgical hovercrafts or the weapon balance has developer DICE also on the screen and works by its own statement on a fix.

If you can see about such problems, Battlefield 2042 is nevertheless a comprehensive package that many players still enjoy a lot of fun.

What about with you? Will you play Battlefield 2042 or does it already play? What do you think?

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