Olympia 2022  China criticizes Biden boycott

Olympia 2022 China criticizes Biden boycott

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The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indignantly responded to the considerations of the US President Joe Biden regarding a diplomatic boycott of the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing. The politicization of the sport contradicts the Olympic Spirit and hurts the interests of the athletes of all countries, said Zhao Fijian, Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, on Friday.

Biden had previously announced at a meeting with Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, such a boycott of the games (4 to 20 February) is something we consider. In this case, no American government officials to China would travel, but athletes and athletes could participate.

President Joe Biden: U.S. considering diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics

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Currently, from US policy, more and more calls are loud both after a diplomatic and a complete boycott too attentive to human rights violations and suppression of Rigorous Muslims. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the allegations as not the truth accordingly and completely unfounded and called the allegations of Washington a joke in the eyes of the Chinese people.

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