Genshin Impact Tips   Best Weapons in every class

Genshin Impact Tips Best Weapons in every class

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In addition to upgrading characters and unlocking new talents, you need some pretty good weapons to survive the final of Genshin Impact. For several weapon types, each with different stars, it can be difficult to first find out what is best. The first tip: Do not bother to put too many resources into a random weapon. First check the rarity and whether the advantages fit your style of play.

If you need a significant increase performance, you first update a character or its artifact (assuming this has excellent statistics). Also, do not worry about 1 star and 2-star weapons. Collect them to improve weapons of higher levels, but do not worry about using them. Which weapons would we recommend?

For swords, choose the Skyward Blade or Aquila Livonia, both 5-star weapons. Both offer an increased attack, but the former offers an increased critical hit rate and an increased attack and movement speed after an elementary impact. The latter restores health when it takes damage, and can also share AOE damage.

In the category 4-star sword, there are black cliff long swords, dark iron sword, prototype rancor, flute, iron engraving, black sword, sacrificial sword and löwenbrülle. The black sword restores the health of a part of the damage suffered, while the sacrificial sword has the chance to eliminate the cooldown of its own elementary. After that, we decide for the prototype Rancor as they get more attack and defense when attacking enemies. If you need a strong weapon to eliminate garbage motes, the Black cliff Long Sword is worth a look as it reinforced your attack after killing an enemy that stacks.

The 3-star category is Cold Steel, which can be quite easily obtained by Wishes and offers increased damage to Hydro and Cry enemies. Due to its niche nature, however, it is best to discard them after they have received one of the above options.

Now we come to the sheets that are a great weapon for all types of characters. The options of the 5-star range include Skyward Harp and Amos Bow. While Skyward Harp offers very high critical damage, Amos bow has a very good ranged damage and total damage per second. In the 4-star category there are Black cliff War bow, The Stingless, Rust, The Iridescent Hunt, Alley Hunter, Compound Bow, Famous War bow and Sacrificial Bow. The Iridescent Hunt is very well suited for the control of the crowd as it can cause a cyclone that holds together enemies. Alley Hunter is recommended to increase the critical hit rate, the longer a character is on the field.

In the 3-star area it is slim again when only the slingshot is available. Nevertheless, it is better than nothing, as it increases the normal attack damage.

Catalysts are intended primarily for magical carriers and can be ideal for increasing elementary damage. In the 5-star area there is the lost prayer for the holy winds and the Himmelsatlas, whereby the former increases the critical and movement speed and at the same time increases elementary damage for a character, the longer it is on the field. The latter increases elementary damage, but also creates a cloud that increases the damage to enemies.

BEST WEAPON FOR EVERY CHARACTER (Gacha and F2P) | Genshin Impact

For the 4-star catalysts, there are — in descending order of preference — The Width, Black cliff Amulet, Eye of Perception, Sacrificial Fragments, Prototype Malice, Zappa Mare and Solar Pearl. The wild is great for damage, because you have the chance to get raised attack, elementary championship or elementary damage. Zappa Mare is another good choice as it increases the effect of elemental reactions (which is important when considering how often you will use it in the final). When you are looking for more sustainability, Prototype Malice is recommended as it regenerates the health of the party.

In the 3-star area, there are finally Amber Catalyst and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. While the former in normal hits increases elementary damage, the latter reinforces the attack of a character when he changes to him.

Claymores are the big, heavy blades of Genshin Impact. They are slow, but cause massive damage. In the 5-star area you have Skyward Pride and Wolves Gravitas. Skyward Pride increases the damage to a character, but also creates a vacuum when the normal, charged or elementary burst attacks of a character are used for even more damage. Wolf s gravestone offers a large attack threshold and at the same time increases the total attack of the group.

Among the 4-star Claymores we have Black cliff Slasher, The Bell and Serpent Spine Prototype Animus. Black cliff Slasher increases the attack again after defeating an enemy, but it is great for harder enemies in view of the high base attack of the Claymore. Serpent Spine is good for all damage per second, as the damage is increased, the longer a character remains on the field. If you want a tanker, then the bell is a good choice — it creates a shield when changing the characters and while it is active, the damage increases. In the 3-star range, there is only the Debate Club, which inflicts elementary capabilities increased damage.

Rod weapons are also somewhat limited, but can be very deadly. The 5-star area contains sizes such as primordial jade winged-spear and skyward spine. The latter works similar to the Claymore version, but the former will receive an increased attack of up to seven stacks with each hit.

For 4-star rod weapons, there is Deathwatch, Famous Lance, Crescent Pike, Black cliff Pole and Prototype Grudge. Deathwatch is a surprisingly strong defense option in the fight against several opponents — it strengthens attack and defense based on the number of opponents on the field. FAMOUS LANCE is also useful for critical builds, as critical hits produce elemental balls that can be used more frequently in elementary burst attacks. In the 3-star area, there is finally the white tassel, which increases the normal attack damage.

Getting 5-star weapons can be difficult to use without wishes. Do not fully reduce 3-star weapons for this purpose — if they are properly improved, they can still prove very much. Find a weapon that fits your style of play and expand it as needed with materials.

Further information on Genshin Impact can be found in this manual for the implementation of elementary combinations and in our official review here.

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