Premier League Boss steps to Newcastle

Premier League Boss steps to Newcastle

The most recently found in the criticism Premier League Chief Gary Hoffman gives up his post in January at the top of the English football profile.

The 61-year-old was under shelling as the entire league band because he had approved the acquisition of the first division Newcastle United by a consortium from Saudi Arabia.

It was a privilege to lead the Premier League through the past two seasons, Hoffman said, who was only 18 months in office. Hoffman has led the league through the most challenging period in her story, it was said in a message from the Premier League. The controversy around Newcastle was not mentioned in it.

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A Saudi consortium, which is largely influenced by the Saudi Arab Fund under the control of the highly controversial crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, had recently adopted Newcastle for around 350 million euros. The Premier League waved Deal despite vehement criticism of human rights organizations.

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