Outriders  New Horizon Update in Brief  WorldSlayer 2022

Outriders New Horizon Update in Brief WorldSlayer 2022

Square Enix is ​​pleased to announce that New Horizon will be a comprehensive, new Update for Outriders free of charge from 16 November.

The Outrider New Horizon Spotlight can be seen here:

The largest and completely free Update New Horizon goes live on 16 November. In addition to many general improvements and changes, with this update, have four new expeditions and a whole new Tran smog system in the game.

In addition, the expedition story is removed, new kin have been added, classes, skills and mods have been revised and Tiago expedition shops and its inventory have been adjusted. This extensive update is the result of months of work to improve the gaming experience in Outrider.

Outriders: New Horizon & Worldslayer Trailer

This is not enough: the secrets of ENOCH can be further explored in Outrider s WorldS layer, an enlargement announced for 2022. Players can look forward to the revelation in spring 2022.

The Outrider s WorldS layer Teaser can be seen here:

We worked hard to improve the gaming experience in Outriders. With the free New Horizon update we have already implemented much of the wishes of the community before then 2022 the big extension World slayer appears, explains Jon Brooke, Co-Studio Manager at Square Enix External Studios. There has never been a better time to start the journey through ENOCH, restart or continue than in this ultimate version of Outriders.

Further information is available in the new Outrider s Broadcast Episode A New Horizon :

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