Zlatan Ibrahimovic is to conjure Sweden in the desert

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is to conjure Sweden in the desert

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Older — but pretty. And better? Latin Ibrahimović wants to lead Sweden with 40 to the World Cup. At the expense of Spain.

Latin Ibrahimović did not win a face as he reproached himself as Benjamin Button of Football. His body maybe older, told the eccentric Swede unmoved, but my mind becomes younger, and I m getting pretty. Almost as with the film figure embodied by Brad Pitt 2008, for which the clock is running backwards.

I m 40, but I evidence that I m only 20, Ibrahimović said. And that s how to feel the former world champion Spain on the way to Qatar. Abracadabra is to conjure Sweden to desert World Cup — at the expense of the favorite. After warming up in Georgia on Thursday it comes on Sunday in Seville probably a real final in group B.

It is the perfect time for a return of the idol, which had been missing due to injury since his comeback in blue-yellow in March after five years. I m glad to be here. Glad to help, he said on Monday in Sold Unusual modest, it feels good — finally!

Whether he s the matter now, in the mature footballing age and giving slowly in the face of the recent health setbacks? Never, the self-proclaimed football God, I always give 200 percent, that s my mentality. Since he became 30, the pain is no longer gone. They only hike in the body.

Lead Swedes to the World Cup, Dad!

His mission is clear: Lead Swedes to the World Cup, Dad!, Asked the Aftonbladet. The opponent is already trembling. It surprises me what he can do with 40 yet, Spain s coach Luis Enrique said, he is unique and still has the highest level. He spreads fear and terror in his opponents.

The first leg also won Sweden without Latin 2: 1. It s fantastic to have it with him, said coach Anne Andersson and swarmed the incredible goalkeeping of the Superposes. I would be beautiful, if I would not use his experience. For twice 90 minutes, it will not be enough, but he looks surprisingly good.

Ibrahimović announced that he will continue as long as I can. His age, he claimed, I do not care. Where: On the hacks of his shoes he has Latin 40 writing. So that the defenders see how old I am — and have no excuses.

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