New details revealed on the next Horizon game  Forbidden West

New details revealed on the next Horizon game Forbidden West

We know that Horizon: Forbidden West has been in preparation for some time. This Zero Dawn Suite was very awaited by previous players and fans. Although we have not heard any confirmation or denied the possibility of a multiplayer in this update, we get more details and clips on the enemies to which Ally is confronted on his trip, as published today on the Sony s blog.

Guerrilla s staff was very happy to reveal the different robotic creatures that Ally will find during his trip. With more than twenty-five new types, it is not surprising that the teams working on the game are very excited about the different creations that can be found in Horizon: Forbidden West. There was a thought and a logic that were put in every new creation, a bit like the first iteration, and it shows. None of these creatures were just there just because it would be cool. They all have their role in the world, which offers depth and much more interest because of that. We are still expanding this catalog with Horizon Forbidden West. The main machines designer, Blake Polite ski, said as part of the article on Guerrilla: We always want to make sure that the machines are connected and that they serve a more important goal; Thus, the whole (eco-) machine system is in harmony, as in the real world. »

In this spirit, they have created machines such as the Sunning, which may seem like a slightly larger glint hawk, but has the ability to collect solar energy in its wings. There are also clawStriders that can be replaced and transformed into a mount that Ally can use, and what has been agreed as one of the most formidable enemies of the game, Tremor tusk. The Tremor tusks, designed both from the mammoths and the concept of war elephants, are big and slow, but they also have a flame launcher troupe. In this spirit, the designer and the artistic team agree that this particular enemy needs time to prepare if Ally wants to defeat him solidly — or at least ensuring his survival. It would be a bad way, so Alan had to be trampled to death by this machine.

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There have also been indications of aquatic creatures (where Ally can swim and observe) more choices of frames, and machines that will move in the world or will be replaced by enemy factions. Some of them have names such as Storm bird, Shell snapper and Burrowers, there is a lot to wait for Horizon: Forbidden West. Since the machines can climb, jump, plunge and have various other tactics to deal with Ally, it in turn has different ways to fight the machine, including using its environment. The clouds of dust created by other machines can be used as a cover, ambuscade, etc. It is also possible to put traps to trap the machines. The game was created keeping in mind that there is always more than one way to solve a problem, in a given situation, which means that it can be a unique experience at each passage. And that, in turn, ensures a better playability. Horizon: Forbidden West looks like a game that is worth the detour once out.

Horizon: Forbidden West can currently be pre-ordered for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

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