DFB Team  A player tested positively on Corona

DFB Team A player tested positively on Corona

In the German national team there has been a positive corona case. This confirmed the DFB on Tuesday.

The positive to Covid-19 tested national player who is fully vaccinated and currently becoming symptom-free has been insulated immediately, it says in the message. SPOT and Goal can confirm information of the build -dating that this is Niklas SEE from FC Bayern Munich.

In addition to the infected player, on instruction of the health office, four other players who have been classified despite negative tests as part of the contact track as contact persons of category 1, in quarantine in the district of the DFB team, continues. After image information, the Wolfsburg Ride Baku and Maximilian Arnold were post-nominated for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. The game on Thursday against Lichtenstein is currently not endangered according to sports information service.

As a result, the team meeting had already been canceled in the short term loud image. The training on Tuesday also does not take place as planned on the training place, but in the hotel and individually.

This news is so shortly before the final two games in the World Cup qualification very bitter — for the coaching team as for the entire team. But the health is a matter of course. I wish the positively tested player fast recovery and that he remains symptom-free said DFB director Oliver Bailiff.

The DFB team is currently in Wolfsburg. In the course of the World Cup qualifier, Germany meets there on Thursday on Liechtenstein (20.45 clock). Three days later, the annual financial statements in Armenia stand on the plan.

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