DFL says FC St  Pauli against the SV Sandhausen

DFL says FC St Pauli against the SV Sandhausen

The German Ice Hockey Organization (DEL) (as a result of a funding authorities Dime del) is the highest lake course in German ice hockey. When starting in 1994, she was the very first German Profiliga, whose game operation was performed by a company business and also whose clubs paused their professional groups in corporations. The del industrial business mbH is today lawfully, economically as well as organizationally independent and also a merger of the del clubs. The predecessor league was the ice hockey Bundesliga existing between 1958 as well as 1994. Record champ of the DEL are the polar bears Berlin with eight German champions. The workplace of DEL, the supposed Ligab├╝ro, lies in Neuss.The del was the first sporting activities organization in Germany, which was organized as a firm. The example of the DEL followed later all major German sports organizations, for instance, with the beginning of Basketball-Bundesliga GmbH 1996, the DFL German Football Organization 2000 or Handball-Bundesliga GmbH 2004.

Game failure in the 2nd league. The Sunday section between the Kietezplayersn and Sandhausen does not take place. That made the DFL known today.

The game will be discontinued because the SV Sandhausen is not available to players, among other things, due to a corresponding quarantine order of the responsible health office, the minimum number of players necessary after the DFL gameplay, it says in a message of the DFL.

Die Pressekonferenz vor dem Heimspiel gegen SV Sandhausen

A refinement will decide the DFL as soon as possible.

18 people infected

At the pork halls, 18 people have infected in the direct team environment with the coronavirus.

Overall, twelve players were affected, six other positive PCR tests have given it in the supervisor. Already on Wednesday, some actors had complained of cold symptoms. Already a few quick tests have failed positive. The results of the subsequent PCR tests were finally announced on Thursday. A total of 18 times these were positive in the direct team environment.

We are facilitated in our situation that the DFL has granted our application. We believe that the right decision was made in the sense of health and fair sporting competition, says SVS Managing Director Volker Piegsa on the decision of the DFL. We will use the time with the subsequent play-free weekend to give the people with positive findings time to recovery and hopefully to return as quickly as possible to regulated work and training operation. We would like to thank you for the friendly recovery greetings from St. Pauli And for the understanding of this decision.

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