New World   Patch 1 0 5  Corrections to staff and assault on remote positions

New World Patch 1 0 5 Corrections to staff and assault on remote positions

New World will have a maintenance to start at 3 p.m. From this Thursday, November 4 Following up the update, which has been delayed one day for a first urgent solution on trade and the auction house after an exploit that allowed duplicating gold and rare objects. No information has been published about the duration of maintenance, so it is very likely that it takes a long time. The note of the patch 1.0.5. From today it balances the viva to life, the Active resistance that had become too powerful in PVE and PVP, the assaults on remote stalls that still had too many mistakes and especially the farmeo of coins.


Farmeo of coins

Many of the accounts reported by being bots have been prohibited and suspended that simply farmented coins following the players reports sent spam to the forums.
Restrictions were added that prevent player exchange to player and gold transfer for characters who have not reached level 10 or whose account has been created in less than 72 hours. When logging in to our account more than 72 hours after creation, trade and currency transfer will be activated as soon as we reach level 10.
Redistribution of the number of coins received in the first missions to subsequent history in the main history. The total number of coins won is still the same, but it will be received a little later.
The use of the commercial position will be restricted until the new characters accept the mission presentation of the commercial position at its first colony.
They will be monitored the impact of restriction on the bots and the health of the game, and will continue to adjust it as necessary.


An error was corrected that allowed generating elements through storage shelters and processing stations.
They solved the problem of gold creation in the territory projects that appeared when deactivating trade, ensuring that it does not happen again if it is deactivated again.


Vivie of Life: Orb Protection

The small area of ​​effects were eliminated as a result of each stroke of the basic version of the protection orb.
The effect area is no longer activated as a result of the aegis. Now it will only be activated after impacting an enemy or object.

other corrections in combat

The cost is reduced to give coins of repairs by 60%.
It is reduced the cost in Azoth of the reallocations of weapons of arms by 75%.
The cost of coins of chisels is reduced between 20 and 50%, according to its class.
To promote competition in assault on remote positions, the coin and Azoth rewards that are granted to the loser team have been slightly reduced.
Now the indicators of conflict progress on the map are shown, as well as on the faction board when an invasion arrives.
Identical weapons equipment: Players can no longer equip the same type of weapon in both spaces. We want everyone to have different weapons to increase the diversity of combats. This change should also solve the problems that were given by changing between weapons of the same type.
Climbing by passive groups: errors have been corrected that could cause the passive effects that scale according to the number of nearby enemies, as a thirst for blood (great ax), against all odds (dethral) or overcome (war hammer), They apply incorrectly.
Consistency of spells impacts: The problems of consistency have been corrected on the impacts of several spells, such as ice storm or gravitational well.
Resilrence (advantage of objects): an error has been corrected that caused this advantage to reduce all the damage instead of only the damage of critical impacts.
Activation of PVP: An error has been corrected that allowed PVP and PVE players to be cured among them.

Assault on remote position

It has been corrected that the players could leave the initial fortress before the start of the game.
Now you will avoid the interaction of several players with the altar in this mode. This will prevent players from receiving multiple invocation chips for 500 Azoth units.
The fact has been corrected that the names of the convened allies may seem hostile.
The fact that battle bread has been corrected (the assault food benefit to remote position) was double cash than expected.
The information text of battle and stew of MatamonStruos has been modified to better describe these benefits.
It has been corrected that the players will be trapped in a teleportation loop if they were teleported out of remote post assault using the / unstuck command.

General errors

A problem was solved that prevented some people from participating in an assault on remote position when they had a pending group invitation.
The use of repair kits no longer required parts.
Fixed an error that caused sometimes that players use the wrong consumable on the inventory screen.
Several errors that showed the state of the invasion have been corrected before they declared.
The English text that was missing in the login pop-up window that explains the compensation of taxes on housing has been added.
An error has been fixed that allowed the animation of the main attacks of magical weapons by changing weapon or aiming with a spell, with which the shooting cadence was higher than the searched.
It has been corrected an error that caused the ice post improvement of the ice mitten to work immediately after placing the pole.
It has been corrected an error that could cause players to lose their homes while they were disconnected during a maintenance. We will return the money to players who have suffered this problem in a later update. We will have all the details in the corresponding patch notes.
It has been corrected an error that caused the enemy to double and appear enemies stacked in the splintered timber mission.
An error has been corrected that allowed the players to start server transfers in the tutorial.
It has been corrected an error that caused the commercial position to be released or was late.
The performance of the servers has been improved when many players meet in the settlements.
It has been corrected an error that caused the influence in the territory to not recognize adequately when many players delivered JCJ missions at the same time.
It has been corrected an error that caused only in some titles of the players.
It has been corrected an error by which the players could be stuck when fishing with LAG.
The notification of the interface has been corrected when finding a good fishing point.
The location of the handicraft bonus percentages have been corrected for the tools that showed 0% in languages ​​other than English.
The time has been corrected in Europe to change from Cest to CET.
An error has been corrected that avoided the found objects to overcome the 589 team scoring points.

New World Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes, AFK Prevention, Server Transfer, AI Fixes, Quest Fixes
speculative corrections

The corrections that are listed below are attempts to relieve problems. The idea is to make this correction and see if the problem persists, to possibly continue with the work and solve this problem in a next update.

A change has been implemented that will help us research the error Timed Out While Waiting for Server To Describe World. Meanwhile, we have added a patch to reduce its frequency

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