Stellaris  Console Edition  Necroids Species Pack rises on consoles

Stellaris Console Edition Necroids Species Pack rises on consoles

Paradox Interactive teaches console player with the Today announced Necroids Species Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition soon the fear. From the November 11, the fearsome Necroids fall on Playstation and Xbox fans and thus do not only use the end of all life, but also the last phase of the expansion pass Four.

With the Necroids Species Pack of Stellaris: Console Edition, players learn to enjoy death to the fullest. New changes and cosmetic elements offer experienced players the long-awaited grusel, while well-known varieties receive new eerie options. To live among the nekroids, death is not just an option… he is a duty!

Gruselalarm! The trailer to the Necroids Species Pack is available here:

The contents of the necroids species pack :

A new history of origin – necrophage
The brand new necrophage genesis positioned player martyrs as a powerful, primary species that are consumed others in their range, and blurs the border between cult and empire with three brand new state elements:
Toten cult: Allows powerful decrees that require the sacrificing of POPS
Revived armies: Allows the use of moral immune, undead armies
Komemache: Building monuments in memory of the past of the galaxy, to improve planetary stability and the honor of graves
16 new portraits (15 organic, 1 robotic)
New ship set

Stellaris: Console Edition | Necroids Species Pack | Release Date Trailer | Available November 11
New advisory part
New city set & diplomacy room
New name lists
New Building Cosmetics

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