Nintendo Switch   the best grusel

Nintendo Switch the best grusel

The Angry Video Game Nerd (the furious nerd of the video game, also known under the initials AvGN) is a web-series of humoristic reviews of old video games featuring and created by James Duncan Rolfe. The show revolves around the comments of the Nerd character about old games that he considers bad quality, sometimes having an exaggerated difficulty or having been poorly designed in general. The character interpreted by James, The Nerd, is a fanatic of coarse and rude video games. During criticism, the character consumes alcohol, often beer, and makes use of a panoply of blasphemies, the nerd uses a toaster as a console during certain stages.
The series starts in 2004, and is originally published on the Cinemassacre website. Later in 2006, Mike Matei convinces James to publish videos on YouTube. It becomes shortly after partner with Screwattack, then with Gametrailers to finally rework exclusively with Cinemassacre. Originally titled The Angry Nintendo Nerd, the show is renamed The Angry Video Game Nerd to avoid having problems with rights with Nintendo, as well as to further diversify criticized games.
A video game based on the series, named The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, spell on PC in 2013 and is worn on Wii U and on Nintendo 3DS in 2015. A feature film based on the series, named Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, goes out in the summer of 2014.

Halloween is imminent. For those looking for matching switch games with ghosts, zombies, vampires, killers and other creepy figures, the Nintendo eShop keeps a rich selection of parat. Here are ten of the most interesting gruseel and horror games:

Luigi s Mansion 3

For those who like to Halloween like a bumpy fun, Luigi s Mansion 3 is interesting. Mario, Peach and the toads who only wanted to spend a quiet holiday is set in a spookhotel a trap and they are banned in paintings. Luigi hurries to her salvation. With a weapon, which could be called a kind of vacuum cleaner for supernatural, he has to take it with many ghosts, with it properly trembling his knees. The campaign can not only be tackled alone, but also for two in the co-op. In addition, there are other modes for both the local and the online multiplayer, in which you can compete against ghosts or against each other in a team.

Luigi s Mansion 3 for 59.99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 revolves around two children escaping from a nightmare town and need to reach a mysterious signal tower to finish the gray. The horror game is divided into five varied sections that range from the darkest forest to a hospital populated by scary dolls. As already the predecessor, Little Nightmares 2 is characterized by its excellent style design, which serves it, at the same time, to work cute and scary. Playfully, it is also a mixture of platformers, slaughtering and enaster game, although we now have the chance of defending us with violence against dangers.

Little Nightmars 2 for € 29.99 in the Nintendo eShop


DARWWOOD is a real insider tip among survival horror games. Here we control the bird s-eye protagonist through a gloomy, postalapalyptical game world and browse the remains of civilization according to resources. We urgently need them to fall out and build weapons with whom we can defend against the onslaught of the undead at night. Especially nerve-wracking is that we can always see only what is the light cone of the lamp of our character. That s why every suspicious noise chases a showers over their backs. By the way, DARWWOOD is not only a very intense, but with about 20 hours also quite extensive horror experience.

DarkWood for 14,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

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Resident Evil

At Resident Evil for the Nintendo Switch is a remake that is graphically retreaded the horror classic of 1996 and highlights a contemporary level, but the original otherwise remains largely faithful. Also, the fixed camera perspectives are retained, due to which one must constantly be encompassed that the next disaster lurks directly outside the visible area. Otherwise, Resident Evil offers traditional survival horror with scarce ammunition, so you should be well superior to every shot. We play the members of an elite unit that should look for disappeared comrades in a dark forest. But she is attacked himself and then has to flee into a mysterious villa…

Resident Evil for 19.99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Dead by Daylight

The Multiplayerhit Dead by Daylight is quasi a slasher horror movie for yourself: in each round one takes over the role of the killer, while all others play the potential victims. The killer is physically so far superior to the fight against him little sense. The goal is so the escape. For this there are different escape routes, but only open when you have done certain tasks. This usually works best when the refugees work together. But you can also pipes on the other and just try to save your own skin. By the way, Dead by Daylight is reduced to 50 percent until Sunday. This also applies to many of the extensions, which are partly based on famous horror movies.

Dead by Daylight instead of 29,99 € for 14,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a direct continuation of the two first Ghostbusters movies from the 80s. The story again comes from Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It revolves around the architect Ivo Shandor, who is responsible, among other things, the building used in the first film for the summon of Gozer. It turns out that the architect s plans for New York were still very much went. As a newcomer in the team, we therefore go together with Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon in his other buildings on ghost hunt. By the way, in November, the new Ghostbusters movie comes into the cinemas, which also connects to the old parts. With the game you can already tune well.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered for 34.99 € in the Nintendo eShop


In action roleplay Vampyr we play a doctor in the London of the early 20th century, which will be bitten by a vampire shortly after his return from the First World War. In addition, the city is hit by a mysterious plague. From now on, we have to decide: Do we want to help the inhabitants, as it would be our duty as a doctor, or suck them out the blood to become stronger? Yes, after how we decide, the game world changes and becomes a little friendlier or even more hostile place. In general, Vampyr distinguishes itself by his playful freedom: We often have the choice, even in conflicts, whether we do with violence or prefer to avoid fighting by sneaking or diplomacy.

Vampyr for 39,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Layers of Fear: Legacy

Layers of Fear: Legacy is a version of the Horror Adventory adapted to the switch, which also contains the add-on inheritance next to the main game. In Layers of Fear we take over the role of a painter who is obsessed by his works. While exploring his house, we learn more about his past and what happened to his family. We will witnesses of eerie events that indicate that the house develops its own life. However, we do not know how many of them is real and how much the sick spirit of the painter comes from. By the way, Layers of Fear: Legacy still exists until November 4th proud 80 percent cheaper, it costs only a pale 3.99 euros.

Layers of Fear: Legacy instead of 19.99 € for 3,99 € Nintendo eShop

The Coma: Recut

The Coma: RECUT is the improved reissue of a Korean horror adventure. As a high school student who falls asleep during the lesson, we suddenly awaken in a nightmare version of the now closed school building and are persecuted by a killer. After all, other students are included in the school, with whom we can work together, if we trust them. The killer is not the only danger that the school carries. Let s escape, we must first explore the three parts of the building and ventilate their secrets. The Coma: RECUT you get even more favorable until the 13th of November, namely for 5.99 euros instead of 14.99 euros.

The Coma: RECUT instead of 14,99 € for 5,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a first-person horror game in which we travel as a journalist into a remote part of Arizona to examine the enigmatic death of a woman. However, we quickly meet the followers of a strange sect and even in mortal danger. On the flight in front of the fanatics, as in the first outlast, our camera is our only tool. We not only use them to document evidence, but also to orient us with the help of their night vision in the dark and discover enemies. We do not own weapons. We are discovered, we have nothing else than to run away and hide us. Outlast 2 is available until the 31st of October in the special offer, the predecessor will also be cheaper.

Outlast 2 instead of 29,99 € for 5,99 € in the Nintendo eShop

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