NEW World Patch 1 0 4  Changes and corrections to wars and transfers

NEW World Patch 1 0 4 Changes and corrections to wars and transfers

The New World has not been the best of his life; With the withdrawal of the Character Transfers and the Elimination of Wars in PVP mode, they are not viable due to the delay and many other existing errors that stumble upon the game experience. Amazon Games s full team was not taken long enough to communicate on the absence of a patch last Wednesday October 27. Although I arrived a little later than expected, players will finally enjoy New World as it deserves thanks to this last patch that corrects some serious game errors.

the return of the transfers of characters and the assaults to remote position

Implementation time for Character Transfers: October 28 At 11 o clock in Spain
Time for implementation of assaults on remote positions: October 29 At morning in Spain

US servers will act as a test for redeploy hours. However, developers insist on the fact that it is very possible that the hours announced previously can be adjusted according to the problems encountered during the tests. The server s downtime is possible, but Amazon Games will communicate in advance to warn the players.


The initial level of sunset was eliminated to channel new players through the other 3 locations to increase the likelihood that those who are friends can start together.
The first home discount reduces the purchase price, but it does not reduce taxes. However, the IU indicated the players that their taxes would be reduced, and they only realized the error after buying the house and having to pay their taxes in full. We will compensate all players who buy a house before we fix the UI with 2000 coins.
Performance slightly improved in wars.
The performance of the lifetime has been improved slightly with changes in passive skills touch concealer and tap blissful.

In update 1.0.3, an error was corrected that caused companies to lose income because they had several territories or did not declare the war. With this update, revenue lost in coins will be reimbursed.

The treasury of the companies will receive the money they would have lost as a consequence of this error.
Returned income will not exceed the limit of the treasury.
If a company has been abandoned completely, you will not recover lost money.

The Faction Blasses limit has been increased by 50% for each class. With this change, players can obtain additional blasons although they have achieved the maximum reputation and want to save as long as they try to reach the next range of faction. These are the new values:

Level 1: 5000 Blasons, increased to 7500

Level 2: 10,000 Blazza, increased to 15,000
Level 3: 15,000 Blasons, increased to 22,500
Level 4: 25,000 blasons, increased at 37,500
Level 5: 50,000 Blazzaos, increased to 75,000

Corrections of general errors

An error has been corrected that prevented increasing the limits of factional blazons after the players complete Range Range Missions for their faction.
A rare hanging has been corrected that caused the time of the world to be advanced or delayed, which in turn caused different problems in this.

New World Update 1.0.4 Patch Notes, Outpost Rush, Server Transfer Rollout, Player Invulnerability
Fixed an error that caused players to lose their homes in alphabetimes.
You have corrected several uncommon ups of the server.
An error has been corrected that made the notification of suspension / expulsion show incorrect hours.
An error has been corrected by the players could use their world transfer sheets having active offers in commercial positions, which caused additional problems at the end of the transfer.
An error has been corrected that prevented some IA from appearing in the world correctly.
An error has been corrected by which myrkgard s corrupt portals at the broken top gave team of a class higher than the correct one, and they also reappeared faster than they should.
It has been corrected an error by which the enemies of the events in myrkgard corrupt portals left booty.
It has been corrected an error that caused an incorrect animation when interacting with the object for Bubbly cauldron houses, where the saucepan did not appear in the hand of the player.
It has been corrected an error by which the big veins of Oricalco and Star Metal granted small amounts of mineral, while small veins granted large quantities.
An error has been corrected by which the string chronometer of the wars did not be paused correctly during the closing period.
The rendering distance of the lights of the Halloween pumpkins has been corrected.
An error has been corrected that caused the label of the GM chat (game master) to be on those players who were not GM.
An error has been corrected that caused the textures of the armor to flash.
It has been corrected an error of the expedition of the stone position Sestering where Arcana protection did not protect players from certain lasers.
An error has been corrected by which certain enemies of Amrine s excavation were invulnerable.
An error has been corrected by which the recharge time of the ice post could last eternally.
It has been corrected an error by which players could get rings with two advantages that shared an exclusive label, which should not be possible in the same ring.
An error has been corrected that eliminated the visual effects of projectile from the attacks of the ice mitten and the ice post.
An error has been corrected that prevented players from completing various actions after using the trip quickly.

speculative corrections

The corrections below are provisional corrections and mitigations. The teams are testing to see if the problems persist and then work on them in a future update.

A feat of war was corrected in which the players could use area magic with effect to capture meeting points without receiving damage. This should be improved with the performance updates of wars and staff of life, but we will continue to monitor to see if the problems persist.
Several known tricks were corrected to return to the invulnerable player. This problem is of maximum priority for the teams and will continue to seek solutions for other causes of this failure or bug.
A problem was solved by which players could be stuck after leaving assault on the remote position. This was an uncommon problem and the teams could not reproduce it. They will continue to monitor this problem during implementation.

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