Nintendo Switch fan sells extremely rare joy

Nintendo Switch fan sells extremely rare joy

Musikladen (in German: Music store) was a German television musical program that was transmitted without a regular schedule between December 13, 1972 and November 29, 1984. Produced by Radio Bremen station and led by Michael Leckebusch, replaced the previous Beat-Club program. It was issued in total 90 episodes, especially outstanding among 1974 and 1979, the Extratour program was replaced at its departure, which only lasted five years.
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If you have passionately liked to collect Joy-con in different colors and have a small asset aside, you should not miss a current sales offer. On the sales platform eBay Nintendo lovers Adam Ash Baker currently offers a Joy CON couple whose price has it.

Joy-con in Labo style

What Joy-Con is that? The Joy-con, which Baker offers on eBay, have a special cardboard look. The texture of the Joy-Con is rough and on the side even the wavy pattern of a carton is printed. As soon as the Joy-Con are plugged into the side of the Nintendo Switch, even the unique brownish color is briefly on the screen.

Like the Joy-con look, Baker shows on his YouTube channel in a video:

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Where Baker has the Joy-Con? The special Joy CON couple won Baker as part of a Nintendo Labo Creator Contest in the United States. His creation was a pinball set for two players – of course from cardboard material. There was also a Nintendo jacket and a certificate that proves authenticity.

No bargain price

How expensive are the joy-con? Now comes the rakes on the matter: Baker calls round 130,000 euros for the couple.

For this huge sum, there would be a chic new car or about 3,700 years membership at Nintendo Switch online, if you decide for family membership.

BAKER justifies the price with that there is only a small number of this strictly limited Joy-con:

There are less than 20 of these Joy-con worldwide. Only three of these specific units were produced and released for the USA. […] I am aware that I demand an extremely high price. But you will never see such a copy for sale because they are so rare.

He adds that he is difficult for him to sell the Joy-con, as they mean a lot. But for the right price Baker would still separate from the controllers.

As you get the most out of your Joy-con, you will learn from our guidebook for the best accessories:

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If you are looking for special but still affordable Joy-Con colors, these models could be something for you:

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That s Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is a special game and crafting experience for the Nintendo Switch. You can use Pappkarton templates to build specific models and use the enclosed Nintendo Switch software interactively. The Nintendo Labo series consists of several sets of the fishing on a mini-piano up to the robot, and more you could wish for craft heart.

How should look like your dream Joy-Con, so you would be willing to pay such a price?

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