No desire for Nintendo  Fan builds his own switch

No desire for Nintendo Fan builds his own switch

The Nintendo Switch has many pre-, but also some disadvantages. On the one hand, you can easily take them away and gamble on the way. On the other hand, Nintendo has not managed to handle problems like the Joy Con drift after four years. A fan does not have to rely on the Japanese video game giant and simply builds his own switch.

Nintendo fan builds own Frankenstein Switch

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Even video game consoles are actually only plastic boxes with a bit of technology in it. Similarly, at least the reddit user SW1TCHUP42 must have thought. The inventive Nintendo fan would really like to play on a switch . The dreaded Joy Con-Drift, which can cause the supplied controllers of the hybrid console to give up the mind after a while, has helped him hesitate.

Instead of waiting for Nintendo to solve the problem, he decided to tackle the thing itself. In his post on RedDit he describes how he ordered the required parts using the retail platform Aliexpress himself and then assembled. Ultimately, three quarters of parts of his console does not come from Nintendo themselves. Here you can watch the Frankenstein-Switch ultimately looks.

Has the Switch experiment paid off?

Ultimately, SW1TCHUP42 must admit that he has not saved money with the action. Instead, he has paid about 600 dollars for the finished console . In return, however, he has learned a lot about the switch. So he could now begin to make their own modifications. So he plans to build a more stable support and extend the battery life.

Nevertheless, he would recommend the project only those who already have experience with the construction of electronic devices. If you want more details about the individual parts , you should definitely watch the complete reddit post.

Building your own switch is too much effort? Then she just buys on Amazon:

A Nintendo fan builds his own switch. For this he buys the parts with other manufacturers and adds them together. According to its own statement, the work financially not really worth it. However, he has learned a lot about the console.

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