THE CALIGULA EFFECT 2  Continuation of the anime

THE CALIGULA EFFECT 2 Continuation of the anime

Today, October 22, 2021, Nis America and Historia have published anime role-playing game The Caligula Effect 2 (from 45.99 € at buy) for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Via PlayStation Store and Eshop the download costs 49.99 euros each. In addition, the successor to The Caligula Effect Overdose (to the test) is also available as a digital deluxe edition as well as box version in stores.

Game description of the manufacturer: Regret, a Virtuadoll, created the world of Redo to preserve people from their regrettable past by unknowingly digesting in a simulation. However, this paradise is deepened deep as a virtual Idol called X into the virtual reality of Regret penetrates and restores the memories of a student to the real world. To escape Redo, call the go-home club again, a resistance group, the regret and its enforcers, the obfato-musicians , challenging.

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As features are mentioned:

Welcome to the Tatefushi-Academy: Meet the new faces of the Go home club whose memories were restored by the Virtuadoll X. Recruit more students who help you challenge the Virtuadoll, Regret and the Obbligato Musicians and find the escape route from the false world of Redo.
Clunning struggles: Use the imaginary chain to guess the trains of your opponents. With the perfect strategy and technology you can give you an advantage in the fight .
In unforgotten paradise: a masterful story of the persona author Tadashi Satomi and Takuya Yamanaka. With the vibrant, vocaloid-inspired soundtrack, the world of redo becomes an incomparable place for all senses .

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