The popular Nintendo Switch game is being forbidden in Nintendo Eshop

The popular Nintendo Switch game is being forbidden in Nintendo Eshop

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A popular game of Nintendo Switch is being forbidden in Nintendo Eshop, which generates confusion and generates questions in the process. Depending on where you are in the world, you may no longer be able to play one of the most important new games in Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch Oled. Luxury moribunda . More specifically, if you are in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, you can no longer buy the Zombie game of Techland, as it was eliminated and it is not very clear why it was eliminated.

In the moribunda on the Reddit page, a fan noted that the game apparently is not available in a variety of regions. In response to this, the official account of Techland Reddit confirmed that there have been problems with the digital launch of the game in Nintendo Switch and provided the following statement.

If you are talking about the digital version, then due to the nature of the content, the digital version of the game is currently forbidden in Germany, where the European Electronic Store is officially registered. This makes it impossible to officially distribute the game in European countries. And also in Australia and New Zealand , said Techland. We are currently working with our partner and local authorities to eliminate prohibition as soon as we can.

Techland continues noting that the game is available worldwide through retailers, even in these countries. However, if you want to copy the game digitally in Nintendo Switch in these regions, you just have no luck, at least for now.

As always, we will make sure to keep you informed as the situation develops. While Techland has commented on the situation and seems to be sure that it will be remedied soon, Nintendo still has to address the situation in any way. That said, Techland s comment was made yesterday, so there is a long time for Nintendo to still emit a comment of his own.

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